Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kulfi Molds - Black and White Wednesday

What is it about dessert molds?  Be they for charlottes, savarins, madeleines, bundts, or chocolates, their angles and curves are not merely enhancements for the delectables they shape, but are design elements unto themselves.

These aluminum kulfi molds are no exception.  A staple of Indian culinary culture, kulfi is a uniquely rich and dense frozen treat, a magic of condensed milk flavored with exotics such as rose, saffron, cardamom, or pistachio.  Without the fuss of traditional churning, a batch of kulfi is simply poured into individual-serving molds and set in the freezer to cure.

I tip my conical hat to the beguiling genius of this luxurious confection.

This is my contribution to Black and White Wednesday #140 hosted today by Aparna of Stories from the Mahe Coast.

Black and White Wednesday, the weekly gallery for colorfully colorless food, will return from summer hiatus on September 3.  Do stop by Cindystar, where Cinzia has all the details on how to participate or host this fun event.  Although Cinzia doesn't know it yet, I am re-upping to host September 3.  ; )


  1. Great molds and gorgeous picture!



  2. Dear Susan,

    Lovely picture as always.


  3. I think I need/want some of these lovely Kulfi moulds.

    BTW, I cannot seem to comment using wordpress on Blogger sites. So I am commenting with Google, not a satisfactory option for me. Is anyone else having issues with this?

  4. They make me think about thimbles :)

  5. Very lovely molds and picture! And a great reminder to finally try a wonderful kulfi & roasted vermicelli recipe in my Indian cookbook.

  6. Beautiful clicks, you click even give an expression to non-living objects. Love kulfi molds.