Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pu-erh Chinese Brick Tea for Black and White Wednesday #131

Never heard of Pu-erh Chinese Brick Tea?  Neither had I until I was approached by Teavivre with a sampling of a variety of esoteric and enchanting Chinese teas to discuss here.  While that review will be forthcoming in a few weeks (to include a giveaway) I couldn't resist shooting and sharing these small, twist-wrapped parcels for Simona's hosting of Black and White Wednesday #131.  Black and White Wednesday is Cinzia's long-running weekly gallery featuring culinary photography for those with a fondness for images free from color.

Simona will have her gallery on line later today.  Do stop by for a look and consider joining in as a participant and/or host.  It is an easy and fun gig.


  1. I love that tea. Lovely shot. So poetic...



  2. As a tea lover, I look forward to your review. In the meantime, I agree that the small parcels are quite pretty and your image makes them even more intriguing. Thank you for your contribution to Black and White Wednesday.

  3. Thanks, Rosa!

    Simona - Thanks. There is always something new in the world to discover and marvel at.

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