Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black and White Wednesday Gallery #102

Welcome to Black and White Wednesday Gallery #102, the weekly presentation of culinary photography presided over by Cinzia of Cindystar.  Many thanks to Ci for the opportunity to host this old friend of an event ~ and equal thanks to the food aficionados who shared their beautiful interpretations for all of us to enjoy.

The guidelines for BWW, whether as a host or contributor can be found here.  Although most hosting is booked well in advance due to the enduring popularity of the event, there is always a slot here and there for veteran and newcomer alike.

In the coming days, I will be visiting each of your blogs to formally leave comments. In the meantime, Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu is hosting The Halloween Special Gallery #103.

See you soon!





Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Petite Pumpkins - Black and White Wednesday #100

White Pumpkins

For the cosmopolitan yet rustically stylish Lake Garda resident, Cinzia of Cindystar, this is my contribution to her celebratory 100th gallery of Black and White Wednesday, a weekly culinary event for those who enjoy the bare beauty of black and white images of everything food.

As the originator of this gallery, I have always been blown away by the talent and enthusiasm that my creative idea provoked.  As a devotee of black and white photography, it's been very gratifying that my own love of the medium resonated with so many others, as much of a minority as we are.  If I only had myself to please without regard to clients, I would exclusively shoot in or process into mono.

That said, when it was time to move on, I carefully considered who would be a good match as mistress for BWW.  Ci came early to mind, and I have never regretted her stewardship to keep the standard flying.

It's very easy to participate and/or host BWW.  Ci's details here share the what, when, and who.   If week of October 23 is still free, I plan on re-upping as host.

We shall see, as we shall see Ci's gallery on her blog tomorrow.