Friday, February 1, 2013

New World Order for My Legume Love Affair

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that effective today, February 1, there is an important and promising change to My Legume Love Affair, the event that I created in 2008 without any expectation that it would still be holding its own five years later . With new ventures on my horizon which will dominate and detour my life, it is only in the best interest of my baby that I give her up for adoption to a very good home. 

Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen is that home.  Many of you already know Lisa as an amazing and prolific vegetarian blogger whose tour de force is legume-luscious recipes.  A frequent participant and occasional host, she has become a good friend to me over the years.  Her talents and fortitude are essential to the dedication of overseeing a popular and long-running event with many behind-the-scenes tasks that need to be addressed every month.  I am sure you will agree with my careful decision and welcome Lisa as Our Lady of Legumes.  She, of course, is hosting #56.

In terms of MLLA itself, there are very few changes despite the transition, but I will let Lisa introduce herself here and explain what you can expect going forward.  As you will learn, I am not going to estrange myself from the event, but will continue to contribute in meaningful ways every month. 

My Legume Love Affair has been a wonderful link of introduction to so very many hundreds of outstanding bloggers who have shared their talents as cooks and bakers, photographers, and scribes.  I thank each and every one of you who have graced these archives for your hospitality, creativity,  enthusiasm, and good will.  In all the years MLLA has run, I have never read nor traded a cross word with anyone.  Considering how toxic the Internet can sometimes be, it is a tribute to all of us that we've been good for the digestion.  Kudos are also in order to the long list of guest hosts who have volunteered to take on the monthly duties with care, diligence, and conviviality.

Given my schedule, I expect to have the round-up for #55 online next week.  It will be a bittersweet occasion.  Fifty-five months, and thousands of recipes later, here's hoping that MLLA has yet many global miles to go before she sleeps.


  1. I have known Lisa for many years as the person who introduced me to Indian food and encouraged me to give it a try in my oen kitchen. Enjoy whatever life has in store for you Susan. I am sure we will still see you around the blogosphere.

  2. Will follow MLLLA on Lisa's blog.



  3. Susan I have expressed my admiration many times about how diligently and graciously you run both MLLA and B&WW, but it is just not enough!You are awesome :)

    There is so much unseen hard work that goes into hosting events and am grateful you found capable hands to pass the event on to.

    I wish you and Lisa the very best and look froward to continuing to celebrating legume love!

  4. The end of your era, but thank goodness the beginning of something new. So happy to see Lisa as the next Queen of MLLA. A bean lover as much as myself. :)