Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plaid-Clad Butternut Squash - Black and White Wednesday # 57


Look at that bone structure!  I wanted to compliment this tattersall charmer on his freckly apple cheeks, but he was already too much of a flirt. ; )

For Anu of Tomato Blues, hosting Black and White Wednesday # 57, the weekly culinary photography gallery now presided over by the very gracious and talented Cinzia of Cindystar.

Since Cinzia has recently taken over officiating BWW, she has lent her own special style to the event by inaugurating some holiday-themed editions. She has also been enthusiastic in ensuring that future hosts are booked well in advance.  Since there is a new gallery every week, there is always a spot open, so do consult this page for full event and hosting details.


  1. Very cute picture.. In love with it :)

    Glad to follow your BLog..

    UK Rasoi

  2. Deligted to find your blog - we share a love of Turkish cuisine, look forward to trying your recipes, they look delicious : )
    Will give you a link at my blog, best wishes,