Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Monthly Mingle Announcement - Pot Pies!

It delights me to announcement that Meeta K. Wolff's Monthly Mingle is being hosting here for the month of November.

With the last of the leaves dropping from trees to reveal gray, somber skies, and temperatures dropping to the edge of freezing more frequently as autumn progresses, wouldn't it be cozy to have something comforting, rich, and flavorful baking in your oven?  Then it's time to get your rolling pin out to fashion a crust of pastry to seal a deep dish of stew or compote for the makings of a classic pot pie.

Though a pot pie often is also lined with a layer of pastry to hold in and absorb every drop of delicious sauce from the filling, it is not essential that your contribution be completely encased.  It's not even necessary that your recipe be made with homemade dough or a traditional short-crust lid; groceries carry prepared, pre-rolled discs, or your top could also be made with easier-to-prepare biscuit dough.  What is a must, though, is that your crust fully cover the filling, in addition to being prepared in a pie dish, ramekin/s, or casserole that is at least a few inches deep.  This specific depth and pastry top distinguishes the pot pie from a more delicate, shallow tart with an open top. 

The choice of filling is entirely at your creative discretion.  It can be savory, sweet, or both (in the style of Medieval and some Middle Eastern recipes).  Vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian recipes are welcome from any culture.  If you have never made one before, it is helpful to ensure that gravies or sauces are fairly thick to avoid excessive spillover while baking and keep the top mantel light rather than leaden.

So, come break crust with me and Meeta through November 30.  I will have the round-up online within days of its close.

Here are the brief, easy-to-follow rules which Meeta has set forth.  Please direct your posts to thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com with Monthly Mingle in the subject field.  Do also include an attached photo file approximately 400 pixels wide which I can add to highlight your recipe.

Thanks to Meeta for giving me the opportunity to host this very popular, long-running event.  And big thanks to you for sharing your talented recipes.

See you soon!


  1. Wow, a culinary challenge for me if there ever were one... I will see if I can pull something together by the end of the month. :)

  2. Thanks to your explanation, I know I have never made a pot pie. I will put on my creative hat and see what I come up with. This is an interesting challenge.

  3. nice challenge ... happilky excited to go for it! :-)

  4. Hello Susan!
    I have never made a pot pie, so it's time to make a one! I'll send it to check my first adventures with that :-)