Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Black and White Wednesday Week # 52

It's been a full year of galleries today, as Black and White Wednesday reaches its fifty-second week.  And while it is a celebration, it is also a passing on of the baton to another blogger who has graciously accepted the offer to administrate this event going forward starting with next week's gallery.  My online life is at a crossroads now and will be focusing on a new adventure in the near future.  The Well-Seasoned Cook, however, will continue to be a presence in the food community, and My Legume Love Affair is expected to play out at least through 2013.  I also expect to participate in BWW for as many weeks as time allows.

Cinzia of Cindystar will be the new go-to gal for all things BWW.  I am currently transitioning  event-related matters to Cinzia so that she will be up and running for next week's gallery.  Although the host for next week has not yet been confirmed, you can expect an announcement here, as well as on Cindystar, in the next few days should you want to participate.  For those who are already booked to host, you can be assured of your scheduled weeks.

Please give Ci a warm and hearty welcome in her new role as Mistress of Monochrome.

Thank you all so very much for sharing your joy of black and white culinary photography with me.

















  1. A great collection of clicks!

    Didn't you receive mine (they were sent yesterday)?

    Cheers and all the best,


  2. Congratulations on reaching #52! and welcome to Cinzia as organizer of this event, thanks to which I opened my eyes to b&w food photography.

  3. Wonderful lineup, as usual!

  4. Thank you and Congratulations Susan on creating this marvellous event - it's wonderful to see so many now interested and involved in the world of black & white. Best wishes also to Cinzia for carrying the baton forward.

  5. Thank you, Susan, for giving me such a great opportunity, hope to be able to infuse the same interest on B&W photography as you did! :-)
    Thanks to all are welcoming me so warmly!