Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Herb Blogging #346 - The Round-Up

It gives me great pleasure to present the 346th week of the delicious diversity of recipes featuring plant-based ingredients known as Weekend Herb Blogging.  As a very long-running weekly event which continues to fascinate both casual and veteran cooks, WHB has survived and thrived since the passing of the baton from Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, the creator of the event, to Haalo of Cook Almost Anything, who continues to preside over the feasting festivities.

As I have made note in the past, I have enjoyed hosting many different weeks of WHB throughout the over five years which I have been blogging.  It's an event as easy to host as participate in, and given its weekly recurrence, if your other obligations keep you away, there is always another chance to join within seven days.

For this round-up, I have introduced each dish in the words of the cooks who have served them up.  Food always has a story behind it, however brief or detailed, which fills the head while recipes fill the belly.

Thanks to Haalo for allowing me another hosting stint, and to all of you whose culinary creativity and talent keep WHB as a special ingredient in its own right in our kitchens.

Photography fanatic and fellow food lover, Lynne of Cafe Lynnlu is currently hosting WHB # 347.


"This variety of rocket is small, has dark green elaves with
a mustard-like flavour, and is very versatile."

Wild Rocket Spaghetti
Cristina -  La Cucina di Cristina


"It's that time of the garden year when bowls of cukes, zukes and tomatoes overtake the kitchen real estate."

Curried Zucchini Coins
Rachel - The Crispy Cook
New York State, U.S. A.


"Are you tired of wraps and salads but still want to pack in your veggies?"

Raw Portobella Mushroom Pizza
Janet - The Taste Space
Toronto, Canada


"For this tart, which I have made four times in the last three weeks, I have used mostly Blush tomatoes."

Cherry Tomato and Cheese Tart
Simona - Briciole
California, U.S.A.


"Just a few days before going on holiday to Elba I left in infusion some strawberries in alcohol with sugar...."

Strawberry Elixir
Cinzia - Cindystar
Lake Garda, Italy


"Those everyday orange carrots are a 17th century invention and it is these 
red/purple and yellow varieties that are actually the original carrot."

Purple Carrot Flapjacks
Haalo - Cook Almost Anything
Melbourne, Australia


"I found my self, alone the other evening, so I sat the table for one person only,
in front of the lake and had my Gazpacho enjoying some good music and nice view."

Peach Gazpacho
Brii - Brigg is Home
Lake Garda, Italy


"They are spectacular. I loved the sweet taste of the fresh corn and loved
even more the occasional flash of citrus heat from a green chili coin."

Fresh Corn Cakes with Green Chili
Elizabeth - blog from OUR kitchen
Toronto, Canada


"I recently discovered the "yellow" tea from Kausani and have fallen in love with it.
It has also opened my mind to the possibilities of perhaps finding other teas to like."

Lemongrass, Basil and Mint Tea
Aparna - My Diverse Kitchen
Goa, India


"This recipe can be as uncomplicated as the joining of just two ingredients,
 or as embellished with herbs and other seasonings as you choose."

Susan - The Well-Seasoned Cook 
New York, U.S.A. 



  1. Always love to see how the summer's bounty inspires everyone to such delicious meals. Thanks for a lovely round-up, Susan! :)

  2. What a wonderful roundup, Susan. I really like that you included a little snippet of text from each of the entries. Thank you!


  3. Nice roundup! I meant to send you something - I'll catch you next time.

  4. A lovely roundup! Thanks so much for sharing.



  5. Everything looks so fresh and tasty. Pass a glass of that lemongrass tea, please!

  6. Lovely work as always Susan - I can't believe how much I'm craving ripe summer tomatoes after this recap!

  7. Thanks, Susan, for this delicious recap, so colored and Summer tasting! :-)
    Have a nice Sunday!