Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Announcing My Legume Love Affair 46 - Here This Month


Now that my extended winter and Easter breaks are over, it's time to get back to the serious: the seriously fun business of blogging. After being away for several weeks, I am back with a bang, hosting My Legume Love Affair 46 after a long tenure of outsourcing the duties to fine cooks throughout the world. It is often difficult to believe that this event, which I created back in 2008, still has the staying power that it does. It's an especially delicious treat that I will be presenting April's table of toothsome recipes in a round-up scheduled for early May.

The usual guidelines and monthly prizes apply:


*Prepare and post a legume-rich recipe (vegetarian/vegan/non-vegetarian; all world cuisines and courses) on your blog between now and April 30, linking to this announcement. With the exception of such legume ingredients as fenugreek and tamarind, which are potent and often used in small amounts, please feature legumes as the stars of your recipes. For this event, legumes are any edible member of the Leguminosae plant family, including derivative ingredients like tofu, bean flours, and bean noodles. For even more diversity, do consider carob, mesquite, alfalfa, and peanuts. Although you have many choices, MLLA is about true legumes rather than the French term, l├ęgume, which is defined broadly as all vegetables.

* Email the URL to your post, along with your NAME; BLOG NAME; LOCATION (for purpose of prize drawing/s; will not be published); and a PHOTO of your dish (approximately 400 x 300 pixels, portrait or landscape orientation) to thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com.

* Archived recipes will only be accepted if they are updated and reposted as current.

* Use of the logo is optional, and recipes submitted to other events are permitted.

* Those who do not blog are also welcome to participate and be included in the prize drawing/s. Please send the same details requested above, and I will ensure you are featured in the round-up.


The following prizes will be awarded via random drawing/s:

(My personal friends and family are not eligible to win.)
  • The Everything Vegetarian Cookbook. This prize is offered by me without influence at my expense, and I will also absorb worldwide shipping charges. F.T.C. Notice: I do not receive any compensation from Amazon.
  • Hurst Bean Box - A case of six bags of the winner's choice of Hurst Bean products, suitable for every diet, sponsored by Hurst Bean. (Due to shipping restrictions, this prize can only be awarded if the winner is a U.S. resident.) F.T.C. Notice: In May 2010, I received (at my request) two Hurst Bean complimentary products which are not available for purchase in my local markets. I do not generally accept free products from Hurst Bean nor am I financially compensated by them.
  • Drawing Structure - If the winner is a U.S. resident, she/he will be the recipient of both Prizes 1 and 2 above. In the event that an international winner is drawn, a second drawing will be conducted from the U.S. pool of entrants to ensure that the Hurst Prize is awarded every month. In these instances, the international winner will receive the book, and the U.S. winner will receive the Hurst Prize.

I'm very much looking forward to your participation. The success and longevity of this event have always been about your creative contributions. Thank you always for your generosity.

(N.B. - After many regrettable delays in scheduling, Black and White Wednesday will resume next week, April 18. The announcement, with minor revised guidelines, will be posted here tomorrow.)


  1. Looking forward to seeing the roudup!

    I hope you are well.



  2. Fava beans! Lovely photo. I have been away from MLLA recently, and it is time to get back into the legume flow.

  3. Nice to read you again!
    Lovely photo!
    Will try to come up with something for the MLLA.
    A big hug

  4. That is nice! Will try to send in!

  5. It's fava beans time :-), will come up soon with a very nice seasonal recipe, happy hosting!

  6. I've been distracted with housemoving (Scotland to Wales, UK) so haven't been submitting much. Its good to be back. Hope your keeping well.