Sunday, January 8, 2012

Black and White Wednesday - A Bit of Fine Tuning for the Weekly Event

Black and White Black-Eyed Peas

As Black and White Wednesday approaches its six-month milestone, it has become necessary for me to implement a few small changes and gentle reminders to improve my efficiency so that I can post the weekly galleries somewhat sooner without breaking my stride in the very specific series of tasks I must do. With this saved time, I can get back to visiting your photo posts, where I can linger and leave a thoughtful comment. What I will kindly request of you, please, are the following -

1) Ensure that your entry will arrive via email by the new close of the event, 9:00 p.m. New York Time, with special attention to the approximate sizes I had previously requested for each of your photos:  portrait/500 wide & 700 long - landscape/700 wide & 500 long - or 600 square.  If you send photos that are smaller than these approximate dimensions, I might not be able to enlarge them without loosing resolution integrity;

2) Attach your photo/s to your email message rather than cutting and pasting it/them into the body of the email.  If you have not sent me any photos, and your site is programmed to disable Right Click for pulling an image, I will not be able to add them to the gallery;

3) Please double check that you have sent me the URL for the photo post rather than your generic homepage URL; and

4) Although I am happy to present multiple photos, if all of your photos capture exactly the same subject in the same manner, please send me the one that represents your best work or the one you like best.  If you do not, please allow me the latitude to choose one.

I would greatly appreciate if you would keep in mind the above four points just before you press SEND.  This will ensure that I won't burn out, keeping this going for as long as you have the strong interest in participating and perusing. 

These guidelines supersede some of those in the original announcement. Thanks for your assistance and contributions in making BWW such a striking success.  I'll see you on the 11th with bells on. ~


  1. Taking note! That is a lovely click.



  2. Beautiful click and will def keep these in mind :)!


  3. Love and Black (and White)-eyed Peas! :-) Hopefully I'll have some good B&W snaps in the coming weeks! Thanks for all your work hosting the event.

  4. Thanks fopr hosting such a lovely event..get to see so many amazing B&W photos at the same place :)...noted the new rules!

    Sohini xxx

  5. thanks for the not sure how I can resize the pics to the dimension you have specified. could you help