Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Herb Blogging #306 - The Round-Up

The only dismaying thing about staying up late to put the finishing touches on presenting a flavorful and colorful array of creative recipes, is that I want a little bite of something before bed. My kitchen, however, is retired for the night, so I'm going to march myself down the hall to brush my teeth, but not before I thank each of you for sharing your grand menu ideas for Haalo's Weekend Herb Blogging. Thanks to Haalo, and Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, the creator of this event, I've hosted WHB many times over the years. I enjoy it just as much as ever, and know that many others feel the same way. 306 weeks of non-stop deliciousness can't be wrong. Just ask Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu, who's currently hosting WHB #307.


An earthy vegetable, a sexy fruit, and a salty cheese
create a brown-bag lunch that you can never tire of.


Slaw of cabbage takes on new tastes and textures
when roasted and seasoned in an Asian style.

An Italian gardener harvests dazzling herbs, spices,
and chiles to grind into a powder that crosses continents.

Asian Aromatic Mixture
Graziana - Erbe in Cucina


Just because the pesto was a party pooper doesn't
mean all is lost when the hostess clears her table.

White Bean Basil Pesto
Janet - The Taste Space


Slim slices of champignon are dotted with pools of
melted cheese prepared in an authentic Italian kitchen.

Baked in a simple pastry-crust cradle, the brightest blue
fruit bursts forth with deep purple flesh and sweet juices.

Powerful pandan aroma makes Malaysian magic for
a dessert full of cool ingredients that are served hot.

It all boils down to an Indian condiment when cantaloupe is
combined in a pot with seasonings that are sweet, sour, and hot.

Melon Chutney
Brii - Brii is Home


Italian flat green beans flat out work in a stove-top
stew rich in warm, seasonal colors with a tender bite.

Creamy crescents of alligator pears are dusted with
spices for a healthy, quick snack or prelude to a full meal.

Marinated Avocado
Anh - A Food Lover's Journey


Never heard of Cardoons? Well, you'll be animated to learn of
these unique celery-like stalks from a cook in the know.

Chicken Sausage with Cardoon Sauté
Chris - Mele Cotte


Southern hospitality is rich enough, but
sometimes you can't help but guild the lily.


  1. It is good your kitchen retires when you do thsi.Amazing favourite been pesto;) and of course mushroom dish:)

  2. great round-up, I bookmarked many recipes and I can't wait to try them!

  3. Yes, I know Cardoons, in Italian they are called Cardi.
    They are very bitter and remains so if you not able to cook them right! :-)
    Will check out Chris's recipe at once to finally learn how to do! :-)
    Thank's for an other wonderful WHB round-up.

  4. What a lovely rounup! I particularly like your recipe and the lardarelli.



  5. Another wonderful recap - thanks so much for hosting Susan!

  6. Such a delicious array of dishes as always. I love visisting here for inspiration.

  7. I can see why it was hard to walk away from and how it made you hungry. Good roundup. Thanks for including me :)

  8. Luckily I am seeing this after bed time but it makes me hungrier now even before lunch! Thanks for the round up.

  9. So many recipes, so little time! I am not sure what I want to make first, the plum crostata, melon jam or spoonbread. Then again, beets and figs together sound to-die for. Thanks for putting this together!

  10. It all looks so delicious and healthy! I can understand why it made you hungry... I would want a bit of dip and some mushroom just to tide me over until monring :)

  11. Thank you so much for this wonderful round-up!

  12. Lovely roundup Susan. Such a perfect array of interesting dishes spanning a wide range of flavors: a pleasure for the eyes.

  13. A delicious-looking lineup. Spoonbread with Maple Syrup, walnuts and golden raisins? Yum! Yum! Yum!