Monday, August 1, 2011

Announcing Veggie/Fruit a Month - PEACHES


It is the height of summer, and I am at the height of happiness to announce that Veggie/Fruit a Month, the very popular and long-running vegetarian event created by Priya of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes, is being hosted here for August at The Well-Seasoned Cook.

This month's theme produce is the succulent, fuzzy, and versatile peach, my favorite stone fruit, and likely among yours, too. A peach is one of nature's miraculous pleasures: sweet, tangy, perfumed, and juicy. Naturally low in calories and fat free, the fruit also offers a generous fiber content per serving, as well as other nutritional elements.

Priya's rules for participation are different from others' events, so please do read them carefully to avoid confusion and be in compliance:

* Prepare a vegetarian recipe (eggs are allowed) using peaches as the star ingredient. Please keep in mind that this event focuses on peaches (with the fuzz) rather than smooth-skinned nectarines. With the astonishing number of peach varieties, you will have no shortage of choices to launch your recipes from.

* Your recipe can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, starters, entrées, side dishes, desserts, snacks, condiments, and beverages (including alcoholic drinks).

* Recipes must be newly created for this event and not archived.

* Multiple recipes are welcome as well as recipes shared with other events.

* Use of the logo is mandatory to help circulate the event and give others the chance to participate.

* Your post must include a link to this announcement as well as Priya's event page.

* Those who don't blog are welcome to send their names and recipes, which will be included in the round-up.

Please send your post to me August 1-31 at thewellseasonedcookATyahooDOTcom with Peaches in the subject line. Your details must include:

Name of Blog:
Recipe Name & Post URL:
Photo 300 X 400 pixels/either orientation

Big thanks to Priya for allowing me to guest host this sweetly delicious event. I very much look forward to your creative recipes and thank you all in advance. Each of you will be a peach for joining in.


  1. A wonderful event! I'll see if I have the time to participate...



  2. My entry for MLLA has been submitted pretty quick off the mark this time, now I have to come up with something with peaches. I have to admit, its not a fruit that i eat that often - so this is a real challenge for me. Thank you for hosting.

  3. I love, love peaches..,. been buying a couple dozen every week....

  4. Hi Susan! Sent you my entry, happy hosting :)

  5. Hello Susan! Would tinned peaches be okay, since we don't have them fresh in Malaysia? Tq.

  6. Thanks, all!

    Yes, Sumaiyyah, you can use tinned or even dried peaches, as long as peaches are the dominant ingredient. Looking forward to your recipe.