Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ottolenghi's Black Pepper Tofu - For Bookmarked Recipes and MLLA

Black Pepper Tofu

Since I am very short on time and energy this weekend, Jacqueline's Bookmarked Recipes event, created by Ruth of Ruth's Kitchen Experiments, was a godsend at the last minute. This Ottolenghi Black Pepper Tofu recipe, originally written for the Guardian and subsequently published in Plenty, is, quite frankly, the bomb.

I prepared it today to the letter of the recipe. (Per Rosa's comment, a bowl of rice on the side will cushion the heat for some folks.) It so happens that with tofu as its main ingredient, it also qualifies for my own event, My Legume Love Affair - Kicking Off Year 4. For someone like me who views spices as the holy grail of cooking, the copious black pepper, red chiles, and fresh ginger in this amazing dish wind down a frenzied July with a bang. There will, however, be one more very talented guest blogger featured tomorrow with a recipe that is guaranteed to beat any sort of heat.


  1. That tofu dish looks marvelous and so appetizing! A tasty combo. Lovely colors too.



  2. WOW! That looks incredible! thanks for sharing and thanks for the month of MLLA, I've really enjoyed it! Planning to contribute to the next few months!

  3. That Tofu dish looks so flavourful and delicious. Great click too :-)

  4. I made this a few months back after seeing it on Masterchef. I loved it even though I normally aren't keen on tofu.

  5. I have been meaning to make this for ages. Must make the effort. It does look good.

  6. Mom used to hide tofu in our cheesecake when we were kids buts since then I haven't really worked with it beyond silken tofu. That does need to change !

  7. Looks so appetizing and loving that char look on it. I bet it taste delicious.

  8. I can only add everyone in my family loved this recipe, even though they don't like tofu. It is anything but bland - actually, it turned out to be quite hot for us. Steamed rice on the side is a must! Go and cook it if it is still sitting in your bookmarks :)

  9. Thanks, Rosa. : )

    Welcome, Krithi! Thanks very much.

    Kirsten - Thanks. It was incredible. Hope you can join in MLLA when you can - no pressure.

    Thanks so much, Rachana.

    Hi, Corina. Welcome! I loved it, too. I like tofu enough, but this really made me believe anything is possible with it.

    Jac - It's wonderful. Be patient with the frying to make sure you brown each side; this gives it a marvelous crunch.

    Val - And I need to try silken tofu. ; )

    Hi, Kankana. - Thank you. The char comes from the black pepper and the deeply caramelized chiles and shallots.

    Rosa - I made a note in my post about rice on the side, although I must admit, I ate it solo. If you can take the heat, it would make a great starter served with toothpicks as you pass around cocktails. I agree; for those who don't like tofu, this might change their minds, at least for this recipe. ; )

  10. wow, that looks mouth watering. What a great tempting pic.

  11. This image looks fantastic. I love cooking with tofu and your image is super nice :) I can't wait to try it...