Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gluten-Free Gâteau Trois Frères (Three Brothers Cake) - A Guest Post for Soma of eCurry

Gâteau Trois Frères (Three Brothers Cake)

Having hit the ground running all this month with my own group of guest bloggers, it is only now that I can present a guest post of my own which was published on June 30 for Soma of eCurry. Soma had kindly asked if I would guest blog for her while she was spending a few summer months back home in India. I was thrilled and honored by the invitation, and vowed to create something special for the occasion.

And a Gâteau Trois Frères is very special, indeed. Its cheerful elegance belies an easy French sponge cake which is made entirely of rice flour by its original design, making it an excellent choice for gluten-free bakers. A jam glaze and bits of candied herb or fruit decoratively finish its curved and circular form. I call it sweets for the sweet.

Dear, talented Soma has returned to the States and is feeling a little homesick now for the old country. I'm sure she would love for you to stop by for some cake and tea.

Thank you, Soma, for the great pleasure of allowing me to bake for you.


  1. Off to have a look at that post!



  2. Susan Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for taking time to do that wonderful post for me. Love ya..

  3. Well you know that's going to hook ME in! Never heard of this cake but it does, indeed, look incredibly cheery. I'm off to check out the recipe! :)

  4. Such a beautiful cake to behold. Such a lovely colour :)

  5. Lovely guest post dear! Btw I am still planning on sending you something this month. I'm sorry I'm getting around to it later than I wanted to.

  6. wow, what a great, beautiful, mouth watering pic :)

  7. This is a great recipe: first I love the name of the cake (had of course never heard of it!), then I like the idea of a gluten-free cake and finally: what a gorgeous colour!
    P.S. do you think it can be made without cream of Tartar? I have never seen any in the shops here...

  8. Rosa - It's probably one of the few French desserts which you do not know of.

    Soma - You are very welcome, dear girl. Must say, it was one of the easiest and best cakes I've ever baked. Really.

    Ricki - Hardly anyone has heard of it, including me until now, and I am certainly one for the discovery of new eats and the estoteric. It is a very cheery cake. The color is truly naturally this yellow.

    Hi, Jac! Thanks so much.

    Xiaolu - Thank you. Everything in order for the later.

    Priya - Thanks very much.

    Vanessa - Thank you very much. Isn't the name marvelous? I do adore it and will venture into more desserts which are of historic, though not trendy, importance. They are classics in their own right and deserve to be revisited. Yes, you can leave out cream of tartar, but add a little granulated sugar instead. Its chief purpose is to fortify the cells of the beaten egg whites to keep them fr/ collapsing.