Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aromatherapy - Cloverleaf Rolls with Honey Lavender Shallot Butter Glaze

Cloverleaf Roll

When it comes to baking under the broiler of the summer sun, timing is everything. As I groused in a recent post, I have not been terribly motivated to spend much time in the kitchen lately, but I did want to participate in Lisa and Jacqueline's Bread Edition of No Croutons Required. After endless research for breads which would leaven through grilling or frying on the stovetop (crumpets, bannocks, and poori among the rare few), I began scouring for recipes that required a very short duration in the oven. Fifteen minutes, I rationalized, was tolerable, but only on the condition that I bake very early in the day when the indoor temperature is at its lowest and least claustrophobic. And fifteen minutes wound up just enough time to fill the flat with the layered aromas of yeast, freshly harvested lavender, and minced shallots poached in butter. Now, if only they will last longer than fifteen minutes when served.

Cloverleaf Rolls with Honey Lavender Shallot Butter Glaze - From the Fleishmann's recipe, followed to the letter with the exception of my own glaze:


4 tablespoons butter
1 large shallot, peeled and minced
2 generous teaspoons dried lavender flowers, crushed
2 tablespoons honey*
Sea salt


In a small saucepan, melt the butter over low heat. Add minced shallot and poach in butter for no longer than 1 minute. Do not let it brown. Remove from heat. Whisk in lavender and honey. Brush on rolls right before baking. Scatter sea salt lightly on top of glaze. It will adhere well.

*(I used a beautiful New Zealand Manuka which dear Lisa had sent to me; I also have a French Alpine honey from Alex, another friend, which I will be posting about in the near future. Special honeys call for special recipes.)

Preparation Tips

- Start the dough the night before. This recipe is unique in that it rises unattended in the refrigerator for up to twenty-four hours and does not require kneading. In the morning, the dough is cut and rolled into balls before assembly and a final, warm rising. Cloverleaf rolls are miniature monkey breads.

- Grease your hands lightly with cooking spray before rolling the dough balls. They will shape more easily and smoothly.

Cloverleaf Rolls

Suggested Pairings with Soups (per Lisa's request)

- Chilled soups that do not already have bread in them (such as gazpacho); light cream soups or bisques (tomato, squash, celery, artichoke); clear broths with a few fresh fava beans, mushrooms, or garlic scapes.

Lisa, who is hosting for July, will be posting her round-up shortly. Do drop by to have a look and say hello. I thank her for permitting a late recipe from me.

I'm also sending this post over to:

YeastSpotting!, the weekly yeast-baking event created by Susan of Wild Yeast; and

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  1. Gorgeous. This glaze sounds heavenly and a reason to get in front of the stove!

  2. What wonderful flavors! They look beautiful!



  3. Thank you for this beautiful submission. And I am delighted you enjoyed the honey :) The roundup is now up.

  4. Beautiful close-up! Delayed fermentation in the fridge is really a nice bread-making technique.

  5. Wow..

    Lovely rolls....shallots??? how wd that taste??? Got to come and have a bite soon!!!


  6. Fabulous post, awesome rolls.
    So divine ♥

  7. The heat has definitely been taking it's toll on my baking as well...but these rolls look well worth making. I just received some culinary lavender and have been wondering what to do with it..I see these in my future!

  8. Looks delicious I have never used lavender flowers in food

  9. Lavender makes this roll more special.. Looks inviting.

  10. Beautiful pictures as usual. Baking is much more fun in winter than summer. It has been hot here for couple of days too.

  11. Susan,you can still send it in if you want for next week's. I did receive couple of entries late which I'll be including in next week's.

  12. this looks simply irrestible and delcious......mmmm...drooling...

  13. I love how this glaze recipe sounds, honey, lavender and shallots... great combiation of flavors.
    Definitely great recipe to use this special honey :)

  14. I love recipes that you start the night before--I have a yummy ale poolish bread that requires a cold overnight for rising purposes.

    And anything that uses lavender is great!

  15. Susan,
    Thanks for sending it in as an entry.

  16. wow!!!!Awesome pics, perfectly done. Totally inviting and delicious.

  17. Thank you, Kelly!

    Rosa - Thanks!

    Lisa - Happy to, Honey. : )

    Simona - Thanks. I had no idea that bread could cure in the fridge.

    Welcome, Shobha! Thanks so much. Shallots taste like very tender onions, but the flavor is discernibly alium.

    Hullo, Ana. Thanks! <3

    Hey, Joanne. Culinary lavender has many possibilities - let 'em rip! ; )

    Thank you, Akheela.

    Val - Herbs can be heady stuff. Thanks.

    Hullo, RV. - Thank you. Lavender is a big flavor and aromatic; a little goes a long and lovely way.

    Thank you, dear Champa. It's been hellish here. As much as I am used to and enjoy the four changing seasons, I will not be sorry when September temps come to call.

    Sanyukta - Thank you. : )

    Thanks, M. It is amazing how unique and glorious various honeys are.

    Ruhama - Thanks. I will email you soon to ask you about the ale recipe. I adore ale in everything.

    Champa - Happy to. : )

    Shriya - Thanks so much!

  18. gorgeous rolls and even yummier glaze

  19. first time here,wounderfull bake,luks perfect.

  20. Susan, I've been a bit slow to catch up on my favorite blogs lately, and now that I'm here I find myself entranced as always. These rolls look golden and delicious and perfect. Hope you've been well.

  21. Those rolls are gorgeous! when I saw the mention of the shallots, i was surprised to think it was savoury but then they can lend sweetness too so i'm sure they only added to the sweetness of the honey.

    Liked your peach tea post too, I thought I'd commented in that, but I hadn't!

  22. I love these - perfect size and perfectly easy recipe!