Monday, March 15, 2010

DMBLGIT? March 2010 - Meet the Judges

It gives me enormous pleasure to introduce everyone to the panel of judges who will be scoring the March competition. I have selected this group for their highly diverse talents, styles, and tastes. Please stop by their sites so you can get a flavor for them on your own beyond the image* teasers I have included in each of their profiles.

In alphabetical order:

Lucinda Dodds - An Australian artist, book critic, and co-author of the delectable and nutritionally savvy An Honest Kitchen, Lucy is an avid film and digital photographer, enamored of shadows as well as light. Her blog, Nourish Me, is a testament to her love of language, nature, and seasonal cooking. You can find more of Lucy's photography on Flickr.


Soma Rathore - Hailing from India and residing in the American Southwest, Soma prolifically blogs on eCurry about her international culinary exploits while juggling motherhood, mixing cocktails, and comparing photography notes with her husband. A two-time winner of DMBLGIT?, she has also been cited by Saveur Magazine as one of the Sites We Love. Soma's photography can also be enjoyed on Flickr.


Patianne Stevenson - Based in the Pacific Northwest, Patianne is an accomplished painter and sculptor, specializing in all things kitchen. Her portfolio, art on the menu, is a deliciously comprehensive sampling of works available through Etsy or by commission. Her blog, art on the menu, takes you behind the scenes of her still lifes, to the nuts and bolts of preparing comestibles you really wish you could sink your teeth into. Patianne is also a member of the Flickr community.


Lori Lynn Hirsch Stokoe - San Pedro, California's hostess with the mostest, Lori Lynn makes entertaining look oh, so effortless. Recognized by Foodbuzz, among other A-list online culinary venues, her blog, Taste with the Eyes, has been recently remodeled to reflect the elegant and frequent dinner parties we all wish she would invite us to. An accomplished and adventurous cook, LL (as she is known to her many friends), somehow finds time to also blog about her meanderings in the lovely community where she resides.


I thank the judges for accepting my invitation to participate in DMBLGIT? March 2010, as well as all the fine photographers who have already submitted their entries to the competition. The gallery reflects all candidates received at time of this posting. Please stop by again throughout the week; photos are being added daily until the event closes on March 20. The winners will be announced by me on March 31.

*N.B. - All images are protected by the copyrights of the owners.


  1. I reckon I can speak for all of us when I say I am deeply, deeply honoured by your introduction!

    Lovely company to be among and already looking forward to seeing the gallery grow.

  2. Dear Susan, I am honored to be invited and totally speechless by the introduction. Bowing down.. Thank you very very much.

    So glad to be in such lovely company and so looking forward to seeing the wonderful pictures coming in.

  3. How wonderful that such accomplished bloggers will be judges for the challenge.

  4. I see that some of my favourite bloggers are judges here. Yaayyyy! :)

  5. Thanks for introducing such wonderful bloggers. All the pictures look perfect that its quite intimidating to a budding blogger like me who is still on the very beginning of the learning curve.
    BTW,I have a giveaway going on in my blog. Interested? Check my latest post when you have time.

  6. I'm honored to be on the judging team!
    Thanks for the kind words, Susan.

  7. All your candidates are truly worthy of this esteemed honor!

  8. Hi Susan, sorry I didn't get your e-mail at all, I even checket in the spam folder.
    I added your post to the recap today.