Friday, February 12, 2010

Presto Pasta Nights #150 - The Round-Up

Pasta. We love it, we crave it, we never get tired of it. Let's hear it for Ruth of Once Upon a Feast, creator of Presto Pasta Nights, for continuing to feed our enthusiasm with the wonder of what basically amounts to flour and water. Congratulations, Ruth, on hitting 150 weeks of wildly inventive recipes that never lose their power to derail a diet while they delight us. Thanks to all who participated. You are all amazing.


The quest for the perfect recipe crests on a mound of
macaroni covered in creamy aged and smoked cheeses.

Sarah - Taste My Plate


An indigestible act of rebellion is a thing of the past for
a sister-in-law who well knows how to be a good hostess.

Linguine with Mediterranean Meat Sauce
Katie - Thyme for Cooking, The Blog


A magazine's tribute to macaroni and cheese plays
to our weakness for the novel in the familiar.

Fresh, tender, and tinted green, homemade, pan-fried
dumplings will have you singing for seconds.

Elizabeth - blog from OUR kitchen


A romance ends, but a recipe continues to warm the
bellies and bones of guests enjoying winter hospitality.

The decadence of rich Italian penne can literally be lost when one
chooses to dine off chopsticks rather than the tines of a fork.

Penne Carbonara
Aqua - Served with Love


Italian blue and French triple cream cheeses are the rich
and musky duo to dress up a gala plate of bow ties.

Spinach and Cambozola Pasta
Nicola - Lemon and Cheese


Slippery, translucent noodles make for great mystery in an
Hawaiian dish that doesn't even allude to being named for them.

Chicken Long Rice
Christine - Kit's Chow


A grillmaster of a husband steps out from behind his BBQ for
a turn at homemade dough and mixed mushroom filling.

Mushroom Ravioli
Fearless Grill - Fearless Kitchen


Lasagna is luscious, but a cook can be quite particular about
what kind of pasta qualifies as cream of the comfy crop.

Creamy Mushroom-Asparagus Pasta
Chaya - Comfy Cook


Basil's unique summer flavor is frozen in time to warm a
hearty meal of meats and cream for long winter nights.

Tortellini with Salami and Basil
Graziana - Erbe in Cucina


A refreshing citrus-y recipe refreshes the memory of the
food community's commitment to end world hunger.

Lemon Pasta
Ruth - Once Upon a Feast


Peas and asparagus are harbingers of spring when strewn
on a plate of butterflies napped in butter, cream, and cheese.

The hosting baton is now passed on to Mrs. Ergül of Passion for Life and Food, who will be presiding over Presto Pasta Nights #151. Do send your recipes over to her commencing now to ensure you will be included in next week's round-up on Friday, February 19.

(Please let me know if there's an error or omission in this post, and I will correct it straight away.)


  1. Standing ovation for a brilliant roundup! Thanks so much for hosting - you are awesome.

    And thanks to everyone for such fantastic dishes to celebrate Presto Pasta Night turning 150!

  2. All these delicious pasta recipes all in one place. Thanks for hosting Susan.

  3. There are some interesting recipes to make. Thanks for posting them. Now, we all can have fun, cooking and eating.

  4. Wonderful round-up, Susan! I really like the teasers you've put in front of each dish.


  5. I am definitely going to have to try my hand and Mac & Cheese! And with all the rest... Great job! Great recipes....

  6. What a fantastic round up, I love the way you've done this :)

  7. A great round-up, you are really evocative!

  8. I am a pasta freak, this is so kool to bump into your site' and to see this lovley round-up, yummmmmmm:)

  9. Lovely round-up! And so much nice pasta, yum!

  10. I love roundups! It makes preparing dinner SO much easier! Thanks for all the effort!

  11. What a shame I missed the 150h PPN but at least I get to enjoy some pasta vicariously to celebrate and I can't think of a better place for it to be than here with your lovely prose and photos! Lovely tribute to a huge achievement for food blogging, pasta cooks everywhere and esp ruth and her army of hosts

  12. Gorgeous recipes, wonderful round up!

  13. Couple interestings recipes:) Thx from Poland:)

  14. YAY for the pasta round-ups! Never get tired of them.

  15. Nice idea!! I'm Italian so it's nice for me to see these interpretation... I love that lemon pasta, I use to make a similar one when I feel creative! ;)

  16. So interesting, I love pastas. Especially the meaty ones but the top pasta that I love is the pesto and penne pasta.