Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

CherryTree Picnic

Now that spring cleaning and Easter are over, I have been leisurely recovering by savoring these special days of "sweater weather," when one needn't be burdened with thinking too hard about what to wear, be it bundling up or doffing down. I would be remiss in not confessing that I have been remiss in my blogging duties these past few weeks, but all that will change shortly. There is much blog-hopping, reading and commenting to catch-up on, as well as designing a new home page; refining, yet again, my blogroll; and planning for a slew of new recipes to share with you in months to come. In meantime, please allow me to slowly sip what remains of an indulgent purchase of estate Darjeeling tea, my photo of which appears in the current issue of the Italian WU Magazine.

Darjeeling Tea
The tea.

The tin is almost empty, now, with just enough tiny, twisted leaves to keep a pot brewing for a few more days. Please bear with me while I finish off the very last drops of golden liquor.

The pot.

My very best wishes to everyone for recent holidays and equinoxes celebrated, whoever you are and wherever you live, and repeated thanks for making My Legume Love Affair the monthly success that it is. Laurie of Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska has just posted a blockbuster round-up for MLLA9, and Courtney of Coco Cooks is busy hosting MLLA10, featuring your lovely recipes for starters and desserts.


Spring-Inspired Recipes

Been There, Done That ~

Avocado Soup
Chive and Poppy Seed Crêpes
Roasted Radicchio di Treviso

Other People's Eats ~
Asparagus Soup with Cream
Dandelion Greens
Cucumber Dill Soup


  1. Happy spring!! :) and enjoy your tea..

  2. Your photos are all at a different level Susan. I do not feel like closing your blog when i come here.

    Let me tell you that i get my darjeeling tea back from India:-) that's one thing I beg everyone to get me, whoever is visiting me from Kolkata. I cannot have any tea here. & right now my pantry is empty of tea, i have none left:-( your pic are making me crave big.

  3. The photo of the teapot is classic and elegant.

  4. I brought Darjeeling back from India. I also brought Assam with me, too, and for some reason I'm an Assam kind of gal. But no matter what the tea is, your photos are always drop-dead gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous photo and congratulations.

  6. Nice space you have here. :)
    I had a tree just like that in my front for all of two days. I thought I left the rains behind when I entered 2009.

  7. Glad to see you're enjoying the spring, Susan. It is beautiful out here too now after some morning rain, which makes the sun that much more welcome! :)

  8. Enjoy Spring, we are started now, autumn a good time for tea, as well

  9. lovely photos - will look forward to your new recipes

  10. Your tea sounds wonderful - just reading your calming words breathes the true spring spirit into my day!

    Also, I absolutely love love love your Great Expectations cake... :-)

  11. Gee, I feel so peaceful after reading your post.

  12. Hi Susan,
    I'm first-time visitor and I like your blog very much. I love Trüffeltorte and made it twice too. Yours is looking wonderful.
    greetings, Anja