Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tried and Tasted - Tasty Palette's Mor Kali

Mor Kali

Suganya's ears must be ringing. I mean, everyone's talking about her. It's gossip of the nicest sort. This month, Tasty Palettes, her easy-going, beautifully photographed and vegetarian friendly site, is the featured blog for Tried and Tasted. If you've never "Tried and Tasted" Suganya's recipes, now is the time. The event, created by Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen, and hosted this month by Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf, visits different popular blogs for the expressly delightful purpose of choosing a recipe from the archives to prepare, photograph and write about. It's like a global test kitchen, but without the attitude.

Mor Malagai (Curd Chile)
Mor Malagai (Curd Chile), the mor in mor kali.

Given time constraints and my love of fermented flavors, I selected Mor Kali, a South Indian savory rice flour and buttermilk pudding, as thick and creamy as mashed potatoes, and almost as fast as opening a box of dried spud flakes, thanks to Suganya's clever and accurate microwave instructions. There is real genius here. I have never been fond of microwaving, preferring the precision of gas burners and attentive hands-on cooking, although I will admit, the bulky black box is unrivaled for a fast fix of popcorn or pappadums. Anyone who can convert me, however incrementally, to the joys of microwave cooking deserves a medal. And anyone who can present a recipe rich in protein and calcium with the homey comfort of starchy carbs must take a bow. I topped my freshly prepared meal with a fried egg for breakfast, and enjoyed the leftovers later for lunch with a bean stew, warmed... in the microwave. Thank you, Suganya.

Mor Kali 2


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  1. Looks great, Susan. This is a huge favorite for me. And those curd chillies just make it all better!

  2. I have a huge bag of rice flour and would love to give this a try.

  3. Thats a lovely dish susan!..and now I think I can expect some entries for my MEC event..that you have got into microwave!..:)

  4. Excellent choice. I found it hard to settle on a recipe as I want to try everything Suganya makes!

  5. thats soo perfect looking, Susan!! i got some curd chillies recently, my mom sent it to me from India and im going crazy with them! :)

  6. Looks great Susan.Thanks for the hearty entry.

  7. This is the ultimate comfort food for us, and a regular at our table. The curd chillies make all the difference.
    My daughter finds the chillies a bit spicy, but will keep asking for the stalk part of the chilli. :) It has the taste without the spice!

  8. That's a mighty fine pic of curd chili you have there my friend. I am definitely going to give this dish a try.

  9. susan,

    what a besutiful entry :-)
    thanks for participating T&T in March. I hope I ll see you around this month as well.

  10. Mor kali has never looked sexier. Looks gorgeous, Susan.

  11. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. Sorry I am running very late to respond. Best wishes to all!

  12. Susan, we make morkalis for a quick snack, with red chilies..adding yogurt chiles makes it more yum! Looks tempting..