Saturday, March 7, 2009


Even though the round-up is unexpectedly and unavoidably delayed for another few days (my humble apologies), I did want to at least ease the suspense for those who are itching to know who has won Cynthia's beautiful My Caribbean Cookbook - Tastes Like Home.

Congratulations to Apu of Annarasa! Apu, please contact me with your mailing details at your convenience.

Thanks to all of you who have made My Legume Love Affair a monthly marvel of grand recipes which we can all enjoy. In addition to posting the round-up (and finalizing my own recipe for the Eighth Helping), I have many comments and e-mails awaiting my response, not to mention catching up with blog-hopping. Please do not think you've been forgotten. Community is the backbone of blogging, and even though I have far more demands on my time than I did when I started blogging two years ago, I still enjoy reading your recipes, ogling your food photos, and sharing a smile with you.


  1. Susan - Thanks for hosting and take your time with the round-up! :-)
    Congratulations to Apu!

  2. Congrats to Appu and thankyou for hosting the wonderful event.

  3. Susan

    That is fine. Life does take over blogging. You are doing a great job of hosting, do the round up at your own pace and Thanks

  4. Congrats to Apu!

    Take your time, Susan :) Great job here!

  5. Hi Susan,
    What a delightful surprise!! This has just made my day:)Looking forward to the roundup.


  6. now I know how to cook legumes :) nice round up

  7. Thank you, everyone! The round-up is online now.

    Apu - Another round of congrats!

    Hi, Val - good to see you.