Friday, January 30, 2009

Showing its True Colors - Green Mango Dal

Green Mango Dal in Pillivuyt Dish
Brilliant in flavor and color, a sour and spicy
dal is a curative comfort against the winter blahs.

Red Split Lentils
Masoor Dal (Red Split Lentils)

Arhar Dal with Green Mango - from the Indian Food Forever recipe found here
(Since I followed the recipe to the letter without any deviations, I have not rewritten it for this post.)

Green Mango Masoor Dal
Red and green chiles, and curry leaves are even more
vivid when sizzled in a ghee-rich tadka. Ladle generously
over fragrant bowls of steaming basmati rice.

Turmeric Powder
Turmeric Powder - painstakingly and lovingly
prepared by hand in a traditional Indian kitchen.

This post is for Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons, hosting MLLA- Seventh Helping. It is also for Sunshine Mom of Tongue Ticklers, hosting Food in Colors - Yellow. Sunshine Mom is the creator of this popular color-themed monthly event. If ever an ingredient can set a blaze of yellow fire, it is turmeric.

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Green Mango Dal
Green Mango Salad
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  1. Kairi ki dal looks superb! You must be pretty adventurous seeing the range of cuisine:) Thank you for participating in FIC! Masoor is my favorite legume for its lovely flavor!!

  2. That mango daal looks as authentic an Indian's! I make it with toor daal, though. Haven't come across a masoor-mango daal. Love the talimpu (tadka) on top!

  3. I eat dhal fairly often but have never had it with green mango. Wonder if I can get green mangos here...

    Gorgeous photos. As always.

  4. Whoa!! What a gorgeous color. I love Turmeric when it's freshly ground from dry roots, vibrant color and such beautiful aroma! Good one Susan, you are officially a Indian now! ;D

  5. Hi Susan,
    Just got your email. The dahl looks wonderful ... maybe even healthy Super Bowl food!

  6. An almost sacred shade of yellow. I've had fresh turmeric before, small fingers with extraordinary aroma, but hand-ground?

    What a gift.

  7. Gorgeous colors! And very appealing flavors.

  8. That looks a really beautiful dish Susan. Nice photos too :)

  9. This sounds very good! I need to be more adventerous with cuisines.

    I love the brighgt yellow in your first image.

  10. Such stunning photos, Susan! And the dal does sound delicious (though I can never seem to find curry leaves. . .).

  11. looks delicious I liketo use lentils in my cooking but still have try more recipes since i m not that good at it. thanks for sharing this

  12. This is a work of art. Stunning!

  13. love all the brillant colours of yellow, red & green in this one ^O^

  14. I want to buy a print of that first dhal photograph to frame and put in my kitchen. I am serious.

  15. Thank you for such a lovely entry Susan, the colours seem to come out live!

  16. Whoa, the colors pop right out of the screen. Such lovely pictures :)

  17. Give me some naan bread with a medium spiced dal and I'm one happy camper. Love it!

  18. Harini - Thanks. Oh, yes, I am a very adventurous cook/eater, although I am not an omnivore.

    Sra - Thank you. This recipe really came out well. The flavor and texture was exactly what I had been striving for. Loved the talimpu, too. I fried a few eggs in what was left over in the skillet - delicious.

    Wendy - Green mangoes are supposedly just unripe ones, but the ones I tried in my regular grocer did not taste right - had to go to an Indian grocer. I suspect it has to do with the variety.

    Asha - It's official! ; } Thanks!

    Thank you, Meg. This is almost fat free and could be made with a little oil rather than butter.

    Lucy - I've seen the rhizomes, but never cooked with them. It's amazing how the rather orange-y powder turns brilliant yellow when added to liquid. I had to desaturate the first dal photo just a bit; it was that blazing.

    Thank you, Simona.

    Holler - Thanks so much.

    Hi, Maris! Thank you.

    Thanks, Ricki. The dal really was good. You'd need to go to an Indian grocer for the curry leaves; they are nearly impossible to find fresh elsewhere. Dried leaves are a very faded and poor substitute.

    Thanks, Snooky Doodle! Lentils are pretty easy to cook, so you should gain confidence quickly. Perhaps start with a soup...

    Dragon - Thanks! : }

    Wiffy - Thank you...and they are all truly, naturally those colors - no Photoshop.

    Cynthia - You flatter me! Thanks!

    Srivalli - Thank you. This dal had FIC written all over it. ; D

    Suganya - Thanks. Yes, the colors pop just like the mustard seeds in the tadka popped all over the kitchen! : D Think I'm going to use the splatter screen from now on.

    Chuck - Thanks. Naan works, too. It's a perfect scooping utensil. I love how the bread's blisters fill with sauce. I want some.

    Sandeepa - So good to see you! Thanks, dear girl.

    SB - Welcome! Thanks so much!

  19. I love dhal but have not tried a mango version yet. It sure looks delicious, and the colours are absolutely stunning.

  20. Oh wow - that looks incredibly good! I LOVE dal and am definitely bookmarking this one!

  21. Really beautiful dish with photo, Susan.

  22. Love the vibrant colors. If I have only one complaint about turmeric, it's that it stains all my silicone utensils yellow :)