Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Legume Love Affair - Second Helping – An Event, A Prize & A Call for Hosts*

Given the rousing success of February's My Legume Love Affair (with 116 spectacular entries), it’s time to roll out a second helping of the food community’s best and brightest recipes to share with like-minded bean fans. As before, there are no restrictions nor a particular theme other than recipes must feature legumes as the central ingredient. Vegetarian, vegan or not, I leave the choices up to you, again welcoming your creativity and naturally good taste. All cultures and courses are welcome.

The prize, a choice of Cool Food or Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World**, will be selected through a random drawing of all participants, to be shipped worldwide to the winner at my expense. Those who aren't bloggers are also invited to send recipes/photos; you will be included in the round-up and drawing. Family and friends are not eligible for the prize.

Please post a new recipe or a newly posted one from your archives, linking to this announcement, with the following details to me [thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com] by August 24:


Name and URL of Your Recipe Post:

Location: Optional

Photo: Optional (400 X 300 or 300 X 400 depending on orientation. If your image is exactly square, fine tuning the dimensions to avoid distortion is encouraged while keeping in mind the general size requirement.)

Use of the logo is optional.

I will post the round-up by August 31. Latecomers are welcome as long as the round-up has not yet been published.

So, come share your appetizers, side dishes, entrées, beverages and desserts for another fantastic and flavorful round-up. Be in love with legumes all over again! Thanks for joining in!

* Future Hosts: My Legume Love Affair is now a monthly event. Please let me know if you are interested in guest hosting in the future. Given the diversity of dietary persuasions, a guest host is free to request vegetarian fare from their participants for the month they are hosting.

** These cookbooks are in my personal collection, a copy of one to be ordered when the winner makes his/her selection. I have no business nor personal relationships with their authors or publishers.



  1. Wow--can't believe it's already been that long since the first event! So happy to see this again--and with cookbooks! I'm in. :)

  2. oh this announcement is soo delicious..count me in susan :-)

  3. Ooooh! I loved the first round, count me in again!

    I'd also be interested in hosting the event in the future.

  4. I'm in! And I'd be happy to host when you need it.

  5. I am in by default in the event. You can also count on me as a future host.

  6. I'd love to host one for the earliest available month, Susan. Please let me know.

  7. I definitely love my legumes so am happy you've decided to make this a monthly event to give me as many good ideas as possible. I'd love to host a beany event!

  8. And I have just the thing in mind...

  9. I wish I Could participate. It's hectic here in my kitchen:) But I will be back to check out the roundup! sounds like a great idea!

  10. Hi Susan - Great, and glad to hear it will be a monthly event. Love to help host, let me know.

    I just made a delicious bean salad for the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday, I'll have to make it again for the event.

  11. I hope I remember to participate.

  12. more beans? yes please! most pleased to see the return of my legume love affair - have been making quite a lot of beany dishes lately so should be able to send something in

  13. I would mind being a future host down the line. I have to mark this in my calender.

  14. Im alos putting this up on the Daring Bakers event space.

  15. Susan, love the theme and the event! I would also love to host a future event of this theme - pulses are a must for us Indians!

  16. I too late to volunteer as a host?

    I enjoyed the last legume affair so I hope to participate again. Such events are a good way to kick me into blog action. And I am sorry that I missed the pancake event.


  17. I'll try to submit a recipe, and not be late this time round, hee hee.

    I'm interested to be a guest host, if you have a spot for me :)

  18. making this a regular event is a great idea. i will surely send something in this time.

  19. Susan let me know if my alasandalu curry qualifies for this event, I will send it soon.... I was unaware about this event :)

  20. Also I wanted to let you know that I would love to host this event on my blog.

  21. Wow, this is a special one- it was the first-ever event I entered as a blogger last year. You can count me in, Susan.

  22. I have sent you my contribution. I can hardly wait for the roundup.

  23. wow..the host list already filled up..:(...maybe you will let me know...nice theme...will try to send something!

  24. Susan,
    will definitely try to send you something...we love our legumes :-)

  25. I love beans so I should be posting in a day or two ... would be interested in hosting in future too!

  26. Have just posted for your legume affair Susan...after a gentle nudge from Bee! Cheers Deeba

  27. Dear All,

    As some of you are already aware, I am just back from my blogging break. It's been a few days, but I still have many more of your comments to acknowledge as well as careful reading of your legume posts, both to enjoy and collect ideas to talk each of you up in the round-up.

    Thank you for continuing to visit this site while I've been away. It's great to be back. I look forward to making the blog rounds, relishing old pals and making new ones.


  28. Ricki – I can’t believe it, either. I’m glad you joined in.

    Dhanggit – Hope to see you soon! Thanks.

    Jerry – I did reach out to you about hosting, but never heard back. Hope you are well.

    Ann – Good to have you on board!

    Simona – Thanks on both counts!

    Sra – Your time is coming!

    Laurie – You’re in! Thank you!

    Lucy – So I see. : }

    Farida – Maybe next time. Thanks for coming by.

    Lori Lynn – Whatever recipe you share will be fabulous. Thanks.

    Cynthia – Whenever. I know you are swamped. As much as we’d like to, it’s impossible to join in all the events.

    Johanna – Yes, more beans. Afraid so. ; ) Thanks for your lasagna.

    Coco – You’re on for next spring. Thanks.

    Harini – Thank you. I have you down for July 09.

    Nora – Missing events is a given. I’ve got you booked for June 09. Thanks always.

    Wiffy – Since it’s a monthly, there should be less pressure for everyone. Whenever you get a chance to cook w/ beans would be great.

    Bee – Thanks. Got it. It was an excellent recipe.

    Padma – Sorry I missed your comment, but I was on blogging break. I did contact you but didn’t hear back. I would be happy to add your post, even now. Please let me know if this works for you. Thanks!

    Vaishali – I’m tickled that MLLA1 was your first event. Thank you. Good to see you back for MLLA2.

    Lisa – Thanks. Loved it.

    Srivalli – Yes, the roster booked up very fast. Thanks for your interest. : }

    Sunita – Thanks. It’s easy to love legumes.

    Alex – Thank you. It was a great recipe.

    Deeba – If anyone would nudge you, it would be Bee. ; ) Thanks for joining.

  29. I'm a newbie foodie blogger and absolutely loving it. I just submitted a couple of posts I did this month on legumes! Being a Spaniard, I LOVE beans! I would love to host a month in the future.

    Thanks for the wonderful site!


  30. Susan, I will be interested in hosting as well, please let me know if you have any openings in future.