Monday, October 22, 2007

Kicking Off Year Three - WHB # 105

The party's over. It's time to call it a .... hey, wait a minute! Yes, I see candles still burning at a table 10,000 miles (16,094 kilometers) long. Weekend Herb Blogging* just celebrated its 2nd anniversary, but that's hardly the end of the story. There's definitely a glow going on, a luminous buffet of thirty-one unique and exquisitely rendered dishes from almost every conceivable culinary corner of the globe. Better take one of the dinner plates, as big as the man on the moon, as you line up to sample the smashing good feast that lies ahead. Don't be too polite, now; you know you may have to go up for seconds....


A squat, fully edible squash, as jolly as
Jupiter, plays a tureen filled with shitake,
nuts, gravy and ground poultry.


Rich, red tomatoes, slowly roasted and strewn
with sharp and tangy herbs makes for a marvelous
burst of flavor in every "Plump Ruby Bite."

Plump Ruby Bites
VegeYum of A Life (Time) of Cooking
Adelaide, Australia


Look sharp, KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce.
You have Mike's Masterpiece Sauce to
knock you off that grocery shelf now.

Stewed Creole Barbecue Chicken
Mike of Mike's Table
Florida, USA


A powerhouse of protein and comfort, a perfect
bowl of broth, beans and greens for a tired school
teacher to dig into at the end of her long day.

White Bean Soup with Roasted Turkey
Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen
Utah, USA


There's more than just spinach that meets
the eye in this provincial meatloaf
reminiscent of early Pierre Franey.

Vendée, France


The rich and nutty goodness of spice-charged
chickpeas takes the bitter bite out of
wonderful, but hard-to-find, watercress.

Watercress with Chickpeas
Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi
The Northwest, USA


The sweet and homey aroma of cranberry
almond bread is a much better part
of waking up than Folgers in your cup.

Cranberry Almond Bread
Chris of Mele Cotte
Georgia, USA


Steamy, flaky, savory biscuits were
born for slathering in your best butter.
Don't let one crumb or drop go to waste.

Ramona of The Houndstooth Gourmet
Virginia, USA


Everyone needs an Aunt Vaike to leave baskets
full of antioxidant deep-blue berries on your doorstep,
or someone in Estonia is going to have to open
a bed-and-breakfast soon.

Black Chokeberry Muffins
Pille of Nami-Nami
Tallinn, Estonia


Carrots can taste like they were roasted
in a forest when mixed with
handfuls of robust, earthy sage.

Carote a la Salvia/Carrots and Sage
of The Passionate Palate
California, USA


God bless the lentil, the fastest food in
the legume family. A hearty bowl of hot
stuff can be yours in less than an hour.

Coleen of Colleen's Cookbook
Bratislava, Slovakia


Rice is nice, but lime tang, glowing
papaya and creamy coconut turn the
humble grain into a work of delicate art.

Anh of Food Lover's Journey
Melbourne, Australia


With the strict dietary requirements of
a gluten-free lifestyle, a colorful mix
of fruit and vegetables fill Asian rice wrappers
as well as the belly.

Spring Rolls
Stephanie of What I Eat
California, USA


A melon might not know where it's
going, but it knows exactly where
it's been. Welcome to Italy's newest
quality control technology.

Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once
On Holiday from Italy


A mix of tender mesclun greens is the
perfect tussled bedding for a crusty plank of
ciabatta and tender cuts of lamb.

Shaun of Winter Skies, Kitchen Aglow
Auckland, New Zealand


Out of the oven and onto a plate,
lamb shanks garnished with broad bean
emeralds create a rustic still life painting.

Pam of The Backyard Pizzeria
Victoria, Australia


No, there are not four-and-twenty blackbirds
baked underneath that artisan crust,
but a classic British filling of beef and ale.

Beef and Ale Pie
Maninas of Food Matters


Once in a while, the veteran cook in
me gets thrown for a loop. This time
it's larb. Don't know what larb is?
To know larb is to love it.

Pam of Sidewalk Shoes
Tennessee, USA


Franks and bean may leave you cold, but
this robust, fall stew will have
you falling all over yourself for more.

Burcu of Almost Turkish
Indiana, USA


One quince alone can warm a home
with its medieval fragrance. Just imagine a
kitchen quivering with pans of fruit draped in
rosemary and studded with star anise...

Baked Quince Preserves
Ronell of My French Kitchen
Touraine, France


Gather ye tomatoes while ye may, the more the
merrier, for this meltingly rich and delicious quick brunch
or light sup from the south of France.


With a center as pink and glistening as tourmaline,
gently seared tuna gets the minimalist treatment,
pressed with herbs and stung with splashes of lime.

Anna of Morsels and Musings
Sydney, Australia


Baby-tender lamb's lettuce gets the
Greek gourmet touch with fantastic feta,
mushrooms, yoghurt and balsamic vinegar.

Mâche Salad with Feta Dressing
Peter of Kalofagas - Pursuit of Good Eating
Toronto, Canada


I'm not a Pisces, but a few of these
refreshingly bright and clever cocktails
would make a mermaid out of me.

Pineapple Sage Margarita
Gwen of Intoxicated Zodiac
Hudson River Valley, USA


Yellow cherries? Tomatillos?
The mystery melts away while
you melt the chocolate to dip them in.

Will and Rose of Last Crumb
California, USA


Rich in carotene and fiber, Peruvian sweet
potato treats tempt and satisfy the sweet
tooth without too much guilt.

Gretchen of Canela y Comino
Lima, Peru


Crumbly, fragrant crackers are the ideal
accompaniment to a glass of wine.
Rosemary makes memorable even the
simplest of savories.

Rosemary Parmesan Shortbread
Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen
London, Ontario, Canada


Snap, crackle, pop. No, not Rice Krispies,
but mustard seeds sputtering in a skillet, enhancing
a "Plain Jane" of a vegetable for her camera close-up.


Framed in a healthy crust and heavy with herbs,
this egg-rich and elegant pie serves up smiles
and sighs after weeks of eating on the road.

Spring Herb Tart
Lucy of Nourish Me
Melbourne, Australia


An historic fish market, a dramatic presentation, and
piping-hot fillets filled with parsley and bay leaves
are just a few of the delights while dining in Palermo.

Involtini di pesce spada/Swordfish Rolls
Simona of Briciole
California, USA


Easier than it looks, this swirling pumpkin dessert roll
does have a hypnotizing effect on unsuspecting guests.

Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook
New York, USA


* Many thanks to Kalyn for the privilege of hosting this week's recap. And thank you all for participating. Every one of your entries was first rate, a pleasure to read and write about. Thank you for allowing me to set the table for us. Please let me know if anyone's entry is inadvertently missing or needs correction, and I will make the change/s straight away.

Please join Pille of Nami-Nami next week for another culinary extravaganza at Weekend Herb Blogging #106!


  1. Susan, this is a beautiful round-up and well written, too. Thank you!

  2. You did a wonderful job on this roundup, Susan. So many great recipes too!

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    Thanks for bringing us this roundup - it seems it took a bit of work, and we all appreciate it very much.

  6. wonderful, wonderful round up! Love love how you write so beautifully for each entry!

  7. Thanks Susan, for a wonderful roundup. An incredible array of dishes to choose from. --Jai

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    What a great way round-up to kick off year #3!

  9. Well done!
    Love the layout and the words!
    And I can totally emphasize with getting almost there and having the blog host start acting out....Triumph through adversity!

  10. Great roundup and such a fabulous setting. Creates an atmosphere that one doesn´t want to leave the party even when I didn´t participate. Hope you don´t mind me linking to it and picking my favorites to visit more often. :)

  11. Fantastic round-up, Susan! I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you! :D

    ps. I am from Croatia, but now i live in Britain, so it's croatia / britain for me! :)

  12. Susan, you slaved over this, didn't you? The personal touch is really evident. Lovely round-up, thanks.

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  17. What a lovely and delicious array of dishes - I can't wait to try them all. And thanks, Susan, for hosting us!

  18. Dear All,
    Thanks for the kind kudos. I will respond to each one individually, probably tomorrow. Thanks again. You've been great guests to host.

  19. What they said.

    Thoughtful, exquisitely chosen words my friend. For all of us. So many new blogs to check out - always fun to participate for that reason alone.

  20. hey Susan, Lovely array of recipes. I wanted to contribute but was held up with lots of personal stuff. wish I could participate next time:)

  21. Susan ,what magnificent round up. Lovely dishes congrats to all of you.

  22. Susan...oh my gosh. This all looks phenomenal, especially the parmesan thyme biscuits. My mouth watered! I wish I had time to cook such fabulous, delicious looking meals (and by fabulous, I mean more than an hour in the kitchen). I've been hitting up the frozen food aisle lately, but it's okay because I found my new favorite frozen dinner brand (to hell with all the bland stuff nowadays!). For all of you fellow working professionals, you should check out the new brand inspired by Rocco DiSpirito (from The Restaurant and guest chef on Top Chef). The frozen dinners are called Bertolli's Mediterranean Style frozen dinners, and they're so good and so easy, and even more so, so tasteful. Check it out, as well as some really great cooking technique videos from Rocco himself, in case any of you are fans, at and let me know your thoughts on the Rosemary Chicken (my favorite). Thanks again Susan for such a great blog!

  23. Susan, that was a lovely round up. You must have been really busy with all that hard work

  24. Thanks, Burcu. : )
    Maryann, thanks. There ARE so many great recipes. I’ve always thought that about WHB to begin with, but when you are actually putting the round-up together, you get really, really close to each recipe, spending a lot more time than you usually do when you read a post. You realize the recipes are even better than you initially thought.
    Thank you, Pam. I enjoyed writing for, as well as the reading of, each recipe.
    Kalyn, it was a trip! And one, you already know, I am signed up again for sometime next year. Yes, the photos were very time consuming since I had to resize them fairly without distorting some of the images that default dimensions would have created. Thanks for the opportunity. I was happy to do it.
    Vegeyum. Thank you. It is impossible to choose, but we don’t have to. Each can be enjoyed at leisure without any pressure; that’s what’s so great about round-ups. They are like cookbooks; you just pick up where you left off.
    Dear Anh – Thank you very much.
    Jai – Happy to pull this together. Thanks.
    Hi, Shaun – Nothing worth it is ever easy, eh? Who said that? I am not the owner of that quote, but it's certainly handy and bears repeating. Seriously, thanks for your sweet compliments.
    Hi, Katie. Thanks! I felt Blogger was testing me for something, but I know not what. It was frustrating for a time, but nothing that more time didn’t cure.
    Thank you, Helene. I would be very flattered if you would link to this round-up. Hope you can participate in some of the many WHBs to come.
    Maninas. Thanks. I sent you an email on how you would like me to rephrase your location, but I’m happy to site you as Croatia and United Kingdom.
    Sra, a slave to love of good eating for all of us. Glad you liked it. Thanks always.
    Thanks, Pille. All the round-ups are fun to read with their own special touches. Looking forward to yours this week.
    Chris – Many thanks! I still wish fresh cranberries were available all year round.
    Thanks, Bee. There’s always a new blog around the corner.
    Hi, Padma. So glad you’re enjoying this. Thank you!
    Colleen – Thank you. My day’s going to be crazy busy; lentils are the way to go!
    Thank you, Rose. Now, where, oh, where will I find those sweet little cape gooseberries?
    Dear Lucy, thank you. ‘Tis true; there are so many blogs that would have been off the radar, particularly without the popular round-ups like WHB.
    Thank you, Sharmi. No worries. There will be other events in the future. Most important thing is you tend to your family.
    Hi, Sylvia. Thank you. That is quite a crowd of great dishes!
    Welcome, Patty! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t necessarily know that food bloggers all cook and eat to our highest post standards every day. As pleasurable as it is, contemplating recipes, grocery shopping and all the zillions of little steps that go into a great dish/meal do require a lot of time and energy. That’s what convenience foods like frozen are all about. In my case, I love a big, super-quick bowl of buttered pastina. Thanks for visiting.
    Sandeepa – Thank you. There are 48+ hours of my life which I do not remember outside of pulling together WHB!

  25. thanks for hosting. i am continually amazed at the results of each WHB event!

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  28. Gwen - You're very welcome. It is incredible just how much creative culinary energy there is out there.
    Cynthia - Thank you.
    Lisa - And these round-ups have been going on weekly for two years! I can't believe it, either.

  29. hey Susan , great round up, the write up is so nice, i missed on this one n many interesting events while I was on a blogging break :( it does look gorgeous

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