Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Close to Home - Injera in New York


Sampling a Continent at Home

I am too happy now. I have just stirred down my ripe and ready injera batter, and am doting on the finer details of the doro wat recipe I have selected. We will eat Ethiopian tonight, as promised, and eat well. Addis Ababa is closer than I thought, though we will not be greeted by the scene above when we exit the PATH station. We will eat Ethiopian again, at Meskel, and eat well. Another promise.


  1. Hey, you have to tell us how the injera turned out! I'm suspecting that you had wonderful, sour, spongy utensils with which to eat.

  2. It was amazing and VERY sour, an ideal foil for the stew. I'm afraid I made a bit of a mess of the pancakes, but there's leftover batter for me to try again for lunch today! I'll post at length as soon as I can. Glad you stopped back.