Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rhubarb - Black and White Wednesday #142

For Cinzia's Black and White Wednesday #142, the weekly gallery of culinary images in glorious shades of grey scale. Ci's gallery will be online later tonight Rome time. For easy details on joining or hosting, you can check out the guidelines here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Black and White Wednesday - The Gallery #141

Finally!  After Blogger threw me a nasty little curve ball last night, challenging my tech chops as well as my sanity, I am pleased to present a belated Black and White Wednesday - Gallery #141.  

While all editions enjoy a unique and talented collection of perspectives and styles, this one is impressively diverse and was particularly pleasurable to assemble despite Blogger's best efforts to beat me.  Don't ask me what I did right; I couldn't tell you.  Nor can I tell you how these pretty photographs were made.  Part of the joy of photography is in the mysteries of the creative mind.

Thank to all who have shared their special work and equal thanks for your patience.  Hats off to Cinzia of Cindystar for keeping BWW on the hob!  Ci herself will be hosting next week's Gallery #142.   I'll be there if Nikon doesn't thumb its nose at me. ; )


Egg and Mint by Sudha of Spicy, Quirky & Serendipty


Sprouted Beans by Aparna of Stories from the Mahe Coast


cooking in ancient rome

Farmstand Baby Dumpling Pumpkins by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook

Baby Dumpling Pumpkins at Farmstand - Black and White Wednesday # 141

Another season is coming, and another season of Black and White Wednesday is already here!

I'm happy to be kicking off Cinzia's weekly culinary gallery today.  There is still plenty of time to send me your BWW shots (see link above for easy details).  The gallery will be online late tonight New York time.

Thanks to all who have already joined in.

See you later!