Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moravian Grist Mill - Black and White Wednesday #92


Mill Marker - The Inn at MillRace Pond, Hope, New Jersey

My contribution to Black and White Wednesday #92, hosted by Simona of Briciole.  Simona will have her gallery online tomorrow.  

Cinzia of Cindystar, where BWW has found a very good home, has all the details on participation as well as opportunities to host this nice-and-easy collection of culinary photos.

P.S. - After several weeks' absence, I will be returning to these posts on a regular basis to share special ingredients in a wide variety of recipes to appeal to most tastes.  My global curiosity has gotten the best of me again.  Look for early features on Japanese, Italian, Greek, and Southeast Asian cuisines.  Next post, come visit for a golden bowl of Grilled Tofu Massamum Curry with Baby Blue Pototoes. 


  1. A great click! I'd love to see that mill.



  2. Me too. Very interesting historical landmark. Thank you so much for your contribution to Black and White Wednesday.