Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black and White Wednesday - A Culinary Gallery - Week #28

As Rajani says in our first featured photo: "Welcome!" to BWW # 28.

I am so pleased with the healthy turnout as the event returns after weeks of hibernation while I took some time to restore body and mind. I will also be hosting next week's edition, but going forward with Week #30, you can expect many of your friends taking turns guest hosting here. Given I am still sorting out the schedule, I will be posting the host roster in a few more days, in addition to the new logo. In the meantime, do welcome this talented assortment of food photographers. I am sure they would appreciate a visit from you. Thank you, all, for your stylish contributions and enthusiasm. See you next week!

Rajani - My Kitchen Trials


Old Vines
Claire - Chez Chayenne


Simona - Briciole


Morrocan Street Vendor
Cinzia - Cindystar


Moroccan Bread
Cinzia - Cindystar


Morrocan Bread Diptych
Cinzia - Cindystar


Moroccan Butcher
Cinzia - Cindystar


Turkish Black-Eyed Pea Salad
Lisa - Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen

Sihi - A Wandering Ladle


Dining Room ~ Erddig Hall
Dining Room
David - Wild Celery Photography


Graduate Cheesecakes
Brii - Brii is Home


1906 Kitchen Sideboard
Sideboard - Evddig Hall
David - Wild Celery Photography


Bread and Wine
Siri - Cooking with Siri




Simona said...

I am so glad we are meeting again here on Wednesday evening: such a treat. Thank you, Susan!

Cindystar said...

Welcome back BWW!
So glad to have again the opportunity to share and see so many beautiful pictures, take inspiration fro next and learn how to make a better click (hope so :-).
Comgratulations to every single shot!
And a nice w.e. to everybody :-)

Siri said...

BWW has become an integral part of my blogging schedule Susan and it feels so good that it is back in action. :-). Thanks for conceiving such a fabulous idea. Lovely set of photographs.


Aparna said...

Good to see BWW back. :)

Rhonda said...

So many lovely photos, my eyes are happy to have their B&W candy back!

Paz said...

Lovely photos, all!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm so happy that B&&WW is back! What a gorgeous collection of pictures!!!



Sihi said...

So glad BWW is back in action. Cheers!!

Lana said...

It is so wonderful to have this event back:) Thanks, Susan! It is inspirational and uplifting - but that's what art does for me:)

Malli said...

Welcome back and you have a beautiful collection of B&W photos here!!