Saturday, December 17, 2011

Desaturated Saturday - A Culinary Gallery - Week #23

Black and White Wednesday came a little late this week. Thanks so much for your great photos and patience while I endured a rather nasty bit of the flu. It's quite possible that given my delirium that I have made errors or omissions. If that is the case, please drop me a comment, and I will make the correction/s. For the moment, though, I'm pleased to present this last gallery of 2011 until we meet again on January 4, 2012. God willing it will be a Wednesday.

Christmas Cookies by Fragoliva of Fragoliva


Whole Spelt Pie Crust Aftermath by JJ of 84th & 3rd

Chinese Pick-Up Sticks by Rhonda of The Kitchen Witch


Artichokes by Paz of The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz

Martina Preparing Carote al Burro by Alessandra of Alessandra Zecchini


Breakfast by Princy of Spicyfoood


Making Cookies by Brii of Brii is Home


Fruit Chaat by Kadhyaa of Kadhyaa


All Done! by Rajani of My Kitchen Trials


Apples on My Table by Anusha of Tomato Blues


Noodle Enlightenment by Cool Lassie of Pan Gravy Kadai Curry


Nutella - Utterly Delicious by Sandhya of Sandhya's Kitchen


Coffee in the Sunshine by Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums


Chantilly Art


Empty (Carouge Market Place) by Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums


Pale Hot Cocoa by Lauren of The Past on a Plate


Steam by Soma of eCurry


Crunchy Cashews by Vaishali of Ribbon's to Pasta's


Christmas Baking by Ruhama of Rumahama


Stirring the Curds by Simona of Briciole


Amadeus Praline Marzipan Chocolates with Orange by Julia of Nagel & Gabel


La Grande Epicerie in Paris by Cinzia of Cindystar


Nostalgia by Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu


Persimmons and Meyer Lemons by Shri of Tiffin Carrier Antic/que's


Isaac and Scout's Christmas Cake by Ally of What's Cooking Today!


Green Tomatoes in Black and White


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A lovely roundup! Your tomoto picture is awesome. Nice contrasts.



Simona said...

The little extra wait made the enjoyment even sweeter. Glad to read you are feeling better. Thanks for the lovely gallery: a nice year-end treat.

briggishome said...

Thank you Susan, what a feast for the eyes!
Happy to read you are feeling better.
Take care.

Lynne said...

Beautiful as always-glad you are better. Have a wonderful holiday.

Jacqueline said...

There is something so evocative about black and white photos Susan. Another fabulous gallery.

Soma said...

worth the wait Susan and glad you are feeling better. The tomatoes look beautiful, probably even more than their true self.

Lauren said...

Definitely worth the wait! I hope you're feeling better. The flu totally sucks.

Happy Holidays!

Cindystar said...

Glad to read you are feeling better, Susan.
Very impressive gallery but there are no more words left to describe the weekly pleasure to enjoy it!
Wish you joy and serenity for the long holiday break, hope you will have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Rhonda said...

So sorry that you weren't feeling well. I'm just now delving into all the beautiful photos (Christmas madness and all that), so please totally ignore the email I sent yesterday...

Your tomato shot is stunning.

Malli said...

Such lovely photos are a treat for the eyes---thanks for throwing light on all these talented artists!! Happy Holidays

JJ @ 84thand3rd said...

What a lovely collection this week! Hope you are feeling better for the holidays!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous roundup. I love the variety of subjects and the slight hues in some of them. Black and white can be so evocative.

Paz said...

Glad you're feeling better! Lovely lineup, as usual. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! See you next year.

Francy said...

Dear Susan, sorry to hear about the flu. Hope you are feeling better. I look forward to every Wednesday to see all those beautiful pictures. This roundup is amazing!
I've sent you mine guess for next year.. so I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lori Lynn said...

Another great round-up. So many cool pics.

kyleen said...

Love B/W Wednesdays. Gorgeous photos!