Friday, March 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink - Cherry Blossom Tea

Cherry Blossom Tea
Sakura Blossom Tea - Teased from their envelop, the collapsed blossoms
unfold and float like butterfly wings in the warm water.

I'd like to claim bragging rights, that I did more than tear open foiled and frilled packets of the most delicate and careful constructions to protect the most delicate and careful constructions held inside them. My little victory, however, is confined to the luck of living close to a Japanese megamarket, which not only has an astonishing selection of teas, including preserved wet cherry blossoms, but a separate concession exclusively for the formal display and purchase of wagashi, the most precious, and often seasonally available, confectionery, known for their exquisite, fragile beauty. Happy, happy spring, everyone!

Flowering Cherry Tree
Though ahead of 2009's schedule, our local blossoms are
still barely in bud. This is one of last year's models.

Sakuranbo (Japanese Cherry Jelly)
Sakuranbo - Cherry Jelly, available only during springtime.

This post is for Graziana of Erbe in Cucina, hosting the Kalyn-created Weekend Herb Blogging (#226) for Haalo of Cook Almost Anything at Least Once.

Been There, Done That ~
Lavender Chocolate Pots de Crème
Violet Granita
Ice in Heaven (Rose Rice Pudding)

Other People's Eats ~
Cherry Blossom Rice
Salted Cherry Blossoms

Ending on an especially nice note, I've been honored with the One Lovely Blog Award by Ambika of Ambika's Kitchen, and with The Sunshine Award by Kiran of SUMADHURA. Thanks to you both for being so sweet. I haven't played any awards forward in quite some time, so I will highlight a few of the scores of bloggers who make my day, everyday.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That tea is splendid! I love how delicate those cherry blossoms look... My favorite spring flower!



Sweet Corner said...

amazing photos, and the tea is breathtaking!! Thank you so much for the award, it is such a nice suprise!! I really enjoy in your blog and beautiful photos :)Jasenka

J said...

amazing tea.. very unique..congrats on ur awards!!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

You are too sweet, Susan! I came over to compliment your gorgeous photos after I saw the first in my reader, and was completely surprised to see this award. It's an honor to receive this from you XD.

Supriya Nair said...

Lovely tea there Susan! Wonderful clicks here. Luv the color. I miss the Cherry Blossoms in Edinburgh :(...but content with the Gulmohar blossoms here in Mumbai.

Anh said...

Pretty! Susan, this post is full of charm!

ruchikacooks said...

Congrats on the awards Susan. The cherry blossoms look lovely.

Simona said...

Cherry-ful and cheerful post. A sweet good night for me.

Soma said...

So pretty and elegant Susan. Love the tea, the blooms and everything about this post.

ejm said...

How cool is that? And very beautiful too. I know I shouldn't really be surprised that cherry blossoms are edible. And yet I am.

Now I have an urge to sneak over and grab some blossoms from the cherry tree a few doors down when it starts to blossom in a month or so - so I can try cherry blossom tea too.

Does the cherry blossom tea taste at all of cherries or is it more floral?


Carla and Michael said...

Breathtaking photo's! I will now have to look for this one in my asian megamarket here. Thanks.

Toni said...

I've had this kind of tea before, thanks to the generosity of Diane and Todd of White on Rice. It's so beautiful that it's almost a shame to drink it!

Happy spring to you, Susan. And you deserve all the awards you get!

Cynthia said...

The pics in this post transport me Susan. I love them very much.

librariane said...

This is a lovely way to greet spring! And now I need to find some of that tea... said...

Amazing clicks and simply delicous.

Susan said...

Thanks very much, everyone! I'll be catching up with you very soon. : )

Shaun said...

Susan, lovie ~ I'm not really a tea drinker, unless I'm feeling unhealthy and crave green tea with ginger or am at High Tea and love Earl Grey with scones and dainty sandwiches. That said, this is intriguing. In southern California at the moment, cherry blossoms are in glorious bloom. Given that I have rarely seen them in Auckland, I forgot how beautiful they could be - imagine being in Washington DC or anywhere in Japan? Beautiful images, my friend - truly stunning.

Veggie Belly said...

your pictures are stunning!

PreeOccupied said...

Gorgeous! I think all small girls and big girls will love drinking this. Its such a pretty pink.