Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pancakes on Parade – A Sweet and Savory Event

Flapjacks, crêpes, pajeon, dosa, blini, tortillas, crespelle, jian bing, pikelets, ataif, blintzes, bánh cuốn, palačinka, injera …the varieties are as endless as the cooks who prepare them and the countries they hail from. Those delectable disks of batter or dough, browning, bubbling and blistering on hot metal surfaces are as much the staff of life as bread, and often quicker to prepare than that adorable glazed cinnamon bun you are just about to reach for now. Not only a cherished breakfast staple, pancakes are one of the meals to beat when you want to satisfy your carb cravings and nutritional needs in the same bite.

Want to take a peek at how your neighbors across the hall or across the oceans prepare their pancakes? Between now and July 6, I am hosting Pancakes on Parade, an event to showcase the fascinating and flavorful things we magicians can conjure with some starch, liquid and heat. Recipes submitted can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, as sweet as the syrup you pour on them or as savory as salsa. All cultures and courses are welcome.

Please post a new recipe or a newly posted one from your archives, linking to this announcement, with the following details to me [thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com] by July 6:


Name and URL of Your Blog:

Name and URL of Your Recipe Post:

Location: Optional

Photo: Optional

Use of the logo is also optional.

I will post the round-up some time during the week of July 6 . I will also be giving away a copy of Pancakes A to Z by Marie Simmons*, a fun companion cookbook to supplement the collection of fine recipes I am looking forward to receiving from you. The prize will be awarded through a random drawing of all submissions, to be shipped worldwide to the winner at my expense. Those who aren’t bloggers are also welcome to submit recipes and photos which will be included in the round-up and drawing.

So, get those bowls, whisks and fires going! We’ll open a virtual International House of …er…you know what! Thanks for joining in!

* I do not have any personal nor business affiliation with Marie Simmons nor her publisher, Houghton Mifflin. Family and friends are not eligible for the prize.


Gloria said...

I love this idea I hope to participate, I love panquekes! xGloria

Johanna said...

great idea for an event - I love pancakes and hope to participate - even have a few ideas of what I would like to make

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

The idea of pancakes as an event is super.. More than myself my kids love them!!

Suganya said...

Your blueberry syrup is on my list anyway. I might as well flip some jacks to go along with it :)

Asha said...

Beautiful color, love the new look!

Pancakes are easy peasy for us Indians, as you know. Good theme. I will see if I can do a new and untried before pancake for ya.I will be on a long Summer break from 9th July, trying to squeeze in as many events I can before that!:)
Have a cool Sunday, it's God dang HOT here!

Nora B. said...

Love this theme! And I have something in mind. Can't wait to make it for this event.


Dhanggit said...

always brilliant and sweet idea!! count me in :-)

btw, hope you had a great weekend my dear susan!! kisses

Rosa said...

Hmm... socca would be the obvious one for me, but I posted it a while back. I'll have to think of something more original!

Ann said...

Ooh... I'm so there! I love savory pancakes of all kinds (can't abide breakfast flapjacks, though!) and I'm already thinking about what to submit!

farida said...

Great idea! I love pancakes and can't wait to see the different variations from around the world!

Mansi Desai said...

sounds great Susan! I never need a reason to make pancakes, but perhaps now I have a reason to try crepes!:)

bee said...

great idea!! we've updated our events calendar.

Lucy said...

I'm in.

Have just the thing.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

I am in.....susan....will try to post for this event..

Asha said...

Susan, don't worry about it. I have been frustrated with blogger too, have to retype comments so many times, hate it when it happens!
I am blogging just 3 days a week too(Mon, Wed,Fri)as you know, taking it easy and do other things rest of the week. My New year's resolution, working very well so far!:D
I know what I am going to do for your pancake, will post before I go on Summer break.

Sireesha said...

Love this theme, Susan!I am in.....

Srivalli said...

Susan, this is really a great one. I had the same event but mostly on indian dosas two months back. I would love to send some..

btw can you check this post and let me know if you will accept it! I posted a
Tandoori Roti

Else will post a pancake for you!

Mansi Desai said...

just sent you my entry Susan!

Susan said...

Gloria – Thanks. Hope you can join in.
Thanks, Johanna. I’m sure you have many great recipes to choose from.
Thanks, Swati. Kids just love pancakes.
Suganya – Flipping jacks, I can see you now…; )
Thanks, Asha! So many good recipes to choose from the world over. Hope you can join in. It’s been hot as Hades here for the last 10 days. : / I don’t envy you in the South.
Glad you are in, Nora!
By the time I’ve commented on this, Dhanggit, the weekend has come and gone…but another will be here soon. I look forward to a fabulous creation of yours!
Rosa – I remember that socca from My Legume Love Affair. I loved it. I’m sure you’ll brainstorm something brilliant for this event. Thanks!
Ann – Great! To each his own. Looking forward to a special savory from you.
Thanks, Farida. There should be a nice assortment for you to peruse at the round-up.
Mansi – Thanks. I already know you love your pancakes!
Thanks, Bee!
Lucy – But, of course…
Nanditha – I can smell them already!
Thanks, Asha. I’ve wanted to change to WordPress for a while, but the longer I blog through Blogger, the more I am invested in it. You take it easy? When do you take it easy? You are a cyclone of energy, my good woman! Can’t wait to see your recipe.
Love your entry, Sireesha! Thank you!
Sirvalli – Thanks. Yes, I will accept roti. It is so similar to many other world pancakes, that it would be hard to dismiss it from the flatbread category, which most pancakes fall into.
Got it, Mansi. Thanks!

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

As a serious pancake lover, I think this event is right up my alley! Hope I can get it together to participate!

Lisa said...

Hi Susan;

I have sent you an entry. Hope you got it.

Sunshinemom said...

Thats a nice event. I hope to come up with something nice for this one!

DK said...

My pancakes coming right up 2morrow :) A wonderful event. Njoyed making some healthy pancakes for you :)