Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bloggers for Bri - A Prize and a CLICK

Food Made Easy - Williams-Sonoma Baking
Minimum Bid: $25
Code: Food Made Easy
Shipping: Worldwide

Do you wig at the very idea of baking? Do the precise measuring of ingredients, setting oven temperatures, and fretting over "doneness" have you lingering at the cardboard boxes of store-bought baked goods just a little too lovingly? For all of us who can fiddle a twist of pastry lattice over the plumped, fruited curves of a pie filling, there are just as many who find the reading of a recipe a certifiable ordeal. Well, maybe I can help with a great find of a baking cookbook.

As some of you are likely aware by now, the food-blogging community is rallying together for Bri Brownlow of Figs with Bri, a cancer survivor who has recently been beset by further serious complications to her health. As part of their fundraising effort to help Bri with mounting medical bills, Jugalbandi has organized an assortment of beautiful raffle prizes collected from several bloggers. My donation is Food Made Easy - Williams-Sonoma Baking*, one of a series of cookbooks from the well-known California cooking and entertaining retailer. I have prepared adaptations of two Williams-Sonoma recipes for this blog, Mini Almond Cherry Tarts, and Cannellini, Fennel and Olives. Both were easy to follow and great successes. Should you be the winner of this smart-looking and practical hardcover volume, I think it will find a permanent spot among your other cookbooks, no matter what your level of baking expertise. You can make a donation to bid on this prize here.

As noted in my last post on Bri, there are other ways of helping and publicizing the cause, including a Special Addition of CLICK, the monthly Jugalbandi culinary photo event. June's theme features yellow, the happy hue. My lemon fudge, from a recent post, is as vibrantly flavored as it is colored. It is my entry for CLICK.

Lemon Fudge
Lemon Fudge - CLICK Entry

Thanks always for your generosity and consideration!

* I have no personal nor business relationship with Williams-Sonoma nor their publisher, Oxmoor House.


Asha said...

I have many books from WS, good offer Susan. Lemon fudge looks good, again!:))

bee said...

gorgeous pic, and thank you for the beautiful prize donation.

Kalyn said...

It's such a great project, and I love that photo!

Mythili said...

What a great addition to the fine array of prizes! And lovely contribution to "Click"

Aparna said...

Your lemon fudge looks absolutely delicious. Reminds me of Indian "burfi".

Mansi Desai said...

The lemon fudge looks beautiful!!I love the glittery reflections behind!:)

vegeyum said...

Oh my goodness, I need that fudge!

Jeena said...

Lemon fudge looks fabulous what a great picture.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I've never had lemon fudge before, what a fun treat!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hey susuan, I HAVE acknowledged your award at my blog...and could not resist not passing it back to you again... In this short time in this blog sphere Your blogspot is much loved....Accept my "i love you this much award"!:)

Susan said...

Asha – WS has some nice things, but I don’t like to linger too long. You walk out with so much more than was the plan. : O
Bee – Happy to.
Thanks, Kalyn.
Welcome, Mythili! Thank you! Do visit again.
Aparna – Thank you. This fudge is very much like burfi (which I have also made). Very good to see you.
Thanks, Mansi. That’s a crystal candy dish I picked up antiquing some weeks ago.
Vegeyum – Thanks. We all need fudge. : )
Jeena – Thank you. Very good to see you.
Sweet and Saucy – I never had it, either, but I was glad I tried it. Came out really well.
Dear Nanditha – You shouldn’t have. : ) But, of course, I accept. : D

Jude said...

I really like how the textures come out in your photo. It almost seems like i can touch it...