Sunday, April 20, 2008

They All Laughed - Chives on Toast

They will all laugh at you, too, when you serve these
absurdly simple, yet superb, canapés.

Fresh chives.

Good French butter and bread.

Chives on Toast - Adapted from Cooking with Pomiane (Page 188)


3 ounces of chopped fresh chives
2 ounces of butter
1/2 of a baguette or other crusty bread cut into 3/4-inch slices, then lightly toasted in a 200 degree F oven for a few minutes


In a small saucepan, heat the butter just until melted. Turn off the heat. Add the chives and gentle stir them with a wooden spoon until they are well coated with butter and have turned a more brilliant shade of green. Divide chive butter mixture on lightly toasted baguette slices. Serve immediately. Serves 4 as part of a cocktail hour. --

Who's got the last laugh now?

This post is being submitted for Weekend Herb Blogging, Kalyn Denny's weekly food-blogging event, which I have the privilege of hosting this week. Thank you for all your amazing posts. Please tune in tomorrow. I will have the round-up posted late Monday night New York time, when I will announce the random winner of Aliza Green's Field Guild to Herbs and Spices, as well as reel off all the glorious recipes that have been submitted. You are all winners to me!


Lucy said...

Perfect herb-y goodness.

You know, that first canape looks remarkably like my homeland.

Will be dancing 'round the house all day to that tune...

Simona said...

Lovely recipe and one of my favorite songs. Those canape are indeed, quite simple, yet they look lovely. The bright green chives jump off the screen.

Ricki said...

Simple really is sometimes best. . . this sounds wonderful! And I could just watch those two all day. . . (I think the phrase "poetry in motion" must have originated with Astaire!).

glamah16 said...

So fresh , simple, and beutiful. Less is more!

Kalyn said...

Chives! Thanks for the reminder to add that to the list for my new herb boxes. I can just imagine how delightfully flavorful the butter gets after the chives are cooked in it. Sounds fantastic! Loved the video too.

noobcook said...

yum yum! simple ... and nice!! Love the photos :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

That butter and fresh chives . . . they would never see them. I'd have eaten them all!

Virginie Péan said...

You can find demi-sel french butter in New York ? I wouldn't have guessed it. This kind of butter comes from the area where I live (Bretagne - north western France). Here, it is even traditional to make pastry with this salty butter. While South French butter will find it strange and untasty to add salt to butter. I prefer using olive oil, and why not add some salt to it on bread (habits heritated from my Spanish mother).

Ann said...

Simple and beautiful... and tasty. What more is there? :-)

ostwestwind said...

Chives on buttered bread, heaven!

sra said...

In simplicity lie beauty and taste!

Vaishali said...

Susan, what a perfect and simple recipe. I cannot wait to try this out with olive oil.

Georgetta Nextdoor said...

Wow, that looks simple and delicious! I think I'll try it at lunch. The only bread I have in the house is Irish brown bread....should be an interesting variation. :)

Lisa said...

Sometimes the simplest preparations are the most satisfying. A lovely warm weather recipe!

katiez said...

I'm not laughing....

farida said...

Susan, I just found you from Marija's Palachinka blog. You have a beautiful blog and I love your recipes! This one looks so delicious - it's easy and simple too, which I like!

I just subscribed to you and if you don't mind I'll add you to my blogroll, too. Cheers from Farida's Azerbaijani Cookbook

TBC said...

So simple, so elegant!

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Simple, elegant and delicious..I loved it ... Great work Susan!!

librariane said...

Fantastic! We've got garlic chives in our herb garden, and I'm always on the hunt for recipes in which to use them. Thanks!

k & k said...

Thanks for great ideas as I start to grow herbs this year! Love this blog!

Divya Vikram said...

that was alovely roundup dear

Anna said...

seems we had the same experience: serving something yummy that people initially scoff at!
i love chives so i promise i would never have laughed at your toasts.

Susan said...

Thanks, Lucy. That Australian silhouette was cut from a French baguette. Let’s call it fusion! Gershwin tunes are often addictive. I'll send you some more so you'll know what I mean. If you are dancing around the house all day, you may never have to go to the gym again. ; )
Simona – Thank you. It’s really amazing how just a little heat application can enliven greens. Doesn’t seem to work for other colored produce though. ; \
Thanks, Ricki. I’m a big Fred and Ginger fan, too, although I tend to focus on her b/c of those outrageously glamorous gowns she dances in.
Thanks, Coco!
Kalyn – Your herb boxes are going to be bursting at the seams! I love how lush and healthy they are after a full day of sun.
Thanks, Wiffy. : D
Hi, Tanna. Yes, always the danger of temptation. I ate more than my share of these without repenting. Good to see you.
Virginie – Oh, yes, we can find extraordinary international goods in some of our markets. There is a huge demand for such goods by certain clientele. I personally love salted butter and was thrilled to find it. My husband thinks it is “fishy,” but, of course! It tastes of the sea. I adore it. While Paris is a remarkable city, when we visit France, Bretagne will be the priority. I am fascinated by les phares and the wild seas.

Ah, oui, nous pouvons trouver quelques marchandises internationales extraordinaires dans certains de nos marchés. Il y a une demande énorme de telles marchandises par certaine clientèle. J'aime personnellement le beurre salé et ai été fait frémir pour le trouver. Mon mari pense qu'il est "de poisson," mais, naturellement! Il goûte de la mer. Je l'adore. Tandis que Paris est une ville remarquable, quand nous visitons la France, Bretagne sera la priorité. Je suis fasciné par des phares et les littoraux sauvages.
Thanks, Ann! It doesn’t get much better than just three ingredients!
I agree, Ulrike. Who would think such bliss?
Sra – There is potential here for making snacks for your blogger meet. Using ingredients local to India, I’ll bet you could whip up some tasty mouthfuls.
Thanks, Vaishali. A gently warmed, fruity virgin olive oil would be excellent with this.
Welcome, Georgetta! Thanks! Why not try it on Irish brown bread? I think the secret is thin slices, just enough to hold the luscious topping.
Katie – You have been living in France long enough to understand such things. ; D
Lisa – Thanks. It is particularly suited when you don’t want heavy hors d'œuvre.
Welcome, Farida! Thank you very much, indeed! I will come visit your blog shortly.
Thank you, TBC!
Thank you, dear Swati!
Hi, Ruhama. Thanks. No better use for chives pulled from your own garden. The ones used in this recipe were harvested from the clump I planted last year in my mother’s plot. You can’t get fresher than that!
Welcome K & K! Thanks. Glad you enjoy my blog and can find recipes you can try for yourself.
Thank you, dear Divya. : )
Anna – I sometimes think that those who scoff are much more provincial than they are sophisticated. That is there prerogative, of course, but, my, what they miss!

We Are Never Full said...

If they laugh, it's b/c they haven't tasted it yet! I think chives are one of the best herbs out there. They don't even give you bad breath for a long time like onions or garlic! I think you could add a smear of any soft cheese on these toasts (replacing the butter) for a heartier toast.

gorgeous, just gorgeous!

amy @ we are never full

Lori Lynn said...

Simple and superb indeed!

I was served mushrooms crepes once and they were garnished with a simple chive flower, and that little touch made the dish sublime!

Susan said...

Thanks, Amy! I like raw onions, too, but for social occasions, chives are ideal. They are also one of those herbs that grow especially well in a container. With a sunny window and a big enough pot, you can have a long harvest.
Lori Lynn -- Thank you. Those crepes sound like heaven.

Rosa said...

That video made my day! Now excuse me while I go and buy the complete Fred & Ginger box set on Amazon...

Kelly-Jane said...

I'm smiling at this - what is it about chives and toast?! Sounds good!

vegeyum said...

A piece of bread shaped like Australia! This has to be good. (I have chives growing so this is a must for me.)