Thursday, January 3, 2008

Never Too Late for a Toast - Silver Fizz

Blogging is a strange animal. A blog can literally reach millions, yet it can also be a voice crying in the wilderness. When I launched The Well-Seasoned Cook in early 2007, I did not have a plan. What I did have was a curiosity and hankering for a new experience that would be both introspective and insular, yet foster community and camaraderie. What I got was much more than I could have anticipated, an ever-evolving arena to nurture a variety of creative arts that are dear to me and the delightful discovery that they are just as dear to many, many others.

2008 is gearing up to be an exciting year. Scott’s book will be published next month; I have a brand new baby who will challenge my assumptions about art and technology; and The Well-Seasoned Cook will celebrate its first anniversary in March. I still do not have a plan; I do not want one, lest it spoil the surprises. But even though I don’t know where it’s going, I do know where it has been. I also know that you have been there with me, too, and have tucked me in the deep pockets of your own travels as we share the ride and the meal. I thank you for your visits, whether you subscribe to my feed or are just passing through. I heartily propose a shimmery froth of a toast. Get ready to clink your glasses. Here’s to all of you, to us…what was, what is, and what is yet to be. The world’s our oyster! Happy New Year, everyone!

Silver Fizz Cocktail - Adapted from the recipe


2 ounces gin (or omit for a mocktail)
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons superfine or powdered sugar
1 egg white (I used reconstituted pasteurized egg white powder)*
Crushed ice
Club soda
Lemon peel or maraschino cherry for garnish (optional)


Combine all ingredients except club soda and garnish in a cocktail shaker or blender. Shake or blend until well mixed and frothy. Strain into cocktail glass. Top with club soda. Garnish if desired. Makes 1 cocktail. --

* N.B. - Though the risk is low, consuming raw egg products can potentially expose you to the salmonella bacteria. You can find pasteurized egg whites in the baking aisle of your supermarket.

This post is being submitted to Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi, hosting the January Liquid Comfort theme of their monthly photography event, CLICK. Specifically, I am throwing the first photo into the ring for consideration.


Nanditha Prabhu said...

hope you have recovered from your illness!
have enjoyed your posts continuously, !
as you said planning will numb the creativity! so just swim with the flow and you can savor the surprises that flow through you!
take care!

Suganya said...

So Nikon D80 it is, eh? Have fun, Susan. Hope you are feeling better now. You can send this to Click. This month's theme is Liquid Comfort. This sure looks more than a comfort to me ;)

Tanya said...

Feeling better?
Your photos are so gorgeous...

Toni said...

Susan - I'm astonished that you have only been at this since March! I thought you were practically a professional!

Happy New Year, my friend! Here's to all of us - and to another year of meals, laughter and beverages! Clink!

Dhanggit said...

i could relate well to you susan..;when i started my blog mid 2007 it was during my pregnancy..(i was bored and i needed to find a place where i could meet people..and i thought of blogging...just like you i was curious..never realised i would meet so many interesting and talented people just like you!! cheers to you, to your lovey dovey, your cat and your wonderful blog!!

sra said...

" ...a new experience that would be both introspective and insular, yet foster community and camaraderie." You couldn't have captured it better, Susan - I was thinking about the blog experience on the same lines yesterday.

And for a minute, I thought you had set up a shopping site for Nikon, only then it struck me you meant you'd got a D80! It's a coincidence - we were looking at the same model a few days ago - haven't decided on SLR vs "semi-SLR" as we only have time enough to be semi-professionals!

Best of luck to you, your blog, other ventures and Scott's book.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Ah Susan you have a dream camera!
The blog thing, one of the most surprising things I've ever taken up. So much more than I ever could have imagined.
You've said it just right "what was, what is, and what is yet to be. " Cheers!!

Wendy said...

Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to all your coming posts. :)

Asha said...

Great write up Susan. Loved the photos, specially the second one.You could send that to Bee's "Liquid" event.

Yes, blogging and we bloggers are a strange bunch but we love it,don't we? Obsessively sometimes!:D
Very happy new year to you and enjoy your lovely family. Have a wonderful 2008, may all your dreams come true with health and happiness in abundance my friend.
Have a great weekend,see you on Monday.

Mishmash ! said...

You just captured my thoughts about blogging in that beautiful note! All the best to Scott with his book and you enjoy ur new baby :) Wishing you both a great year ahead :)


Johanna said...

happy new year to you too susan - look forward to lots more recipes accompanied by your lovely prose and pictures! I just took a browse through your index which is v helpful - and stumbled across your rocking girl bloggers post where you included me - just wanted to say belated thanks (life got in the way of blogging for a while) - and sorry I didn't see and appreciate it earlier!

The Passionate Palate said...

Susan - I love your comments about blogging. I feel the same way. I never know quite where it is going, but it is not the destination, is it? It's the journey. And lucky you with that new camera. They can be daunting in their technology. I still probably use 10% of my camera's capabilities!

Lastly, do you think I could make that drink with Vodka instead of Gin? I love the sound of it.

Nora B. said...

Hi Susan,
I'm glad that you decided to start this blog and for letting us share your journey of blogging. It's good not to have too maney plans with such things, one things leads to another and it's a terrific adventure. As I've said in my previous comment, I love your writing and your photos. Now that you have a new "baby", I can only imagine that your going to have even more fabulous photos for me to admire.

This drink sounds refreshing. I love that middle picture. Don't forget about the theme for Click this month is "Liquid comfort" or just "liquid".

Have a terrific weekend.

Laurie Constantino said...

Susan, your pictures are already lovely and can only get better with such a nice camera. Let me join the crowd encouraging that you enter this month's Click event with your lovely pictures. I'm looking forward to your posts to come, as I've really been enjoying them. Laurie

Ann said...

Beautiful photos! I'm envious. :-)

Susan said...

Thanks, Nanditha. My illness is still holding on, but I am well enough to start focusing on other things now. Flow. It is all about flow. Very succinctly put. Thanks for the insight.
Thanks, Suganya. The D80 is a happy handful. It will be great fun. And thanks for the CLICK tip.
Getting there, Tanya. Thanks. Glad you like my photos.
Toni – Thanks! The time spent on TWSC is hard to define. Sometimes I feel like a veteran; other times, quite the greenhorn. Happy New Year to you!
I’m glad I’m not alone in this, Dhanggit. You are such a sweetie. Thanks for your visits and thoughtful generosity. We have a lot to look forward to.
Hey, Sra – I knew you would get it. I’ve avoided analyzing this blog business too closely, but knew I would eventually come to some kind of understanding of what’s making it tick.

No shopping site for me, although it does look that way initially. I wanted a photo of the D80, but didn’t think to take one with my other camera. : } Choosing a camera is no easy feat – so many mind-bloggling choices.
Hi, Tanna. – Good to see you. Blogging fulfills many outlets. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, too. Cheers, indeed! : )
Happy New Year, Wendy! It’s great to get back in the blogging groove again.
Thanks, Asha. What is it about the obsession? So true, so true. There’s so much creativity built up in us that it burst out like a geyser. Best of everything to you this coming year!
Shn – Glad to know what I wrote makes sense. Blogging is such a fundamental part of many lives, yet it is very difficult to define. Thanks for your well wishes. Happy New Year!
Thanks, Johanna. Life does get in the way sometimes. No worries. I’m just glad that you eventually found the honorable mention.
Hi, Jeni. Yes, it’s the journey. The new camera is part of that journey. Though I draw, getting into photography was very far from my mind.

I’m sure the Silver Fizz can be adapted for vodka. I’ve tried the drink w/out the gin, and it was pleasantly tasty. Given vodka is essentially flavorless, I do believe it will work. Let me know if you try it!
Dear Nora – You are too generous. Yes, let’s wing it! And I won’t forget about CLICK. Thanks for *everything*!
Thank you, Laurie! Thank you for leaving your first comment on my gnocchi post. Through your initiative, I wound up with a grand Greek cookbook. Better to bake that walnut cake sooner rather than later. : )
Hey, Ann! Thanks always. Glad you enjoy the photos.

TBC said...

A well-written post, as usual, Susan!
I feel the same way about blogging.It does take on a life of it's own, doesn't it?
The very best to Scott for his book.
BTW, love the second shot.:-)

enjay said...

What a sexy picture.

Sagari said...

beautiful picc

Shaun said...

Susan, lovie ~ I have actually never made a cocktail with egg whites, even in all of my days as the Drinks Hussy (before becoming besotted with the kitchen, I would only do dishes and mix drinks when Eric and I hosted dinners). Do you recommend a particular gin, or would my favourite (always on hand), Bombay Sapphire, work well?

Happy 2008, Susan. Here's to another year of friendship!

Mansi Desai said...

wow!! that looks brilliant! I loved the 3rd pic a lot:) congrats on your anniversary, and wish you many more successful blog years:D

Mansi Desai said...

Oops, sorry! i meant the second pic with just the cherry and the glass:D

Susan said...

Hi, TBC. Thank you. Your well wishes mean a lot.
Thanks, Enjay. Which shot are you talking about? The second one?
Welcome, Sagari! Thank you.
Hi, Drinks Hussy! Any of the good, British gins would work: Beefeater, Boodles, Tanqueray or your favored Bombay. Vodka, as another had inquired, would work, too, but I'm about the gin -- love the aromatics.

Let's drink to another year of friendship!
Thanks, Mansi! I like the second shot, too.