Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Whip It Up Wednesday - Cappuccino Canapés

Need a lift?

Need a lift home? Be the designated driver.
Tank up on one of these.

Lifting another one, are we?

Cappuccino Canapés - Adapted from the Pepperidge Farm recipe

24 mini puff pastry shells
1/8 cup milk
1/4 cup of granulated white sugar

2 generous teaspoons instant espresso coffee powder or granules
2 tablespoons water
1/4 batch homemade vanilla pudding from this recipe (the PF recipe is faster, using pudding mix)
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup fine sugar (such as bartender or caster)


Create the sugar-crusted puff pastry shells. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F. Brush sides of pastry shells with milk, then roll them in the granulated sugar. Place on parchment-lined baking sheet and bake in oven approximately 7 minutes or until golden. Allow to thoroughly cool.

Dissolve instant espresso in the water, then mix it into the vanilla pudding. In a separate bowl, beat or whisk heavy cream into soft peaks, add bartender sugar, then beat until stiff. Do not over beat or the cream will break down. Fold in coffee-infused pudding. Return mixture briefly to refrigerator to chill and firm.


Using a pastry bag fitted with a large star tip, pipe cappuccino cream into each pastry shell. Garnish with coffee beans, chocolate shavings or cocoa powder, if desired. Makes 24 canapés.

Pure as the Driven Snow White Russian - My own recipe


2 tablespoons coffee syrup from this recipe
1/2 cup whole milk, half and half, light cream or heavy cream, or any combination of dairy
1 cup ice cubes, whole, miniature or crushed


Well mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, blender container or bowl. Pour into a short glass, straining ice, if desired. You can also whir in the blender to make a slushie. Makes 1 drink. --

This post is being submitted to Stephanie, The Happy Sorceress at Dispensing Happiness, for her Blog Party #29 - Another Bite of Dessert.

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[Whip It Up Wednesday is an occasional post featuring recipes that only look like you slaved over them all day.]


Mishmash ! said...

Sounds just perfect for my tastebuds!

Simona said...

These canapés look delicious. I can see lifting one then another and another... I like the definition of Whip It Up Wedensday.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Sweet canapes?? What a wonderful idea, Susan!

Asha said...

I could lift all three easily!!:D
Merry Christmas Susan, enjoy.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

this is indeed inviting , susan!i loved your caption.. whip it up wednesday!....can i come over and have some rt now!

Shaun said...

Susan, lovie ~ I love the combination of coffee and vanilla that defines the flavour of your cappuccino cream. This is an interesting option for dessert canapes, perfect for the holiday season.

Like you, I insist on making non-alcoholic cocktails (or "mocktails") for guests who are designated drivers. This gesture lends to a more festive mood. Your "White Russian" delivers on both flavour and festivity.

Suganya said...

I cannot see the pastry. Or is it because its dusted with sugar?

Anh said...

Very very creative, Susan! I am sure these are the stars for any party.

Cynthia said...

You are such a thoughtful host. Thank you.

sra said...

How nice! I'm not a coffee fan but if I was, there would be nothing dainty about the way I'd eat these, I'm sure!

Toni said...

OMG! From the first photo, I wanted to dive in and eat a whole plate of these. Plus I adore your Pure As The Driven Snow White Russian - Oh yeah!

Dhanggit said...

wow!! what a lovely concoction, capuccino canape!!! sounds yummy!! your photos are all amazing

Terry B said...

Susan--I'm with Patricia! The sweet canapés are a splendid idea. A nice addition to the mostly savory treats at parties. Regarding the non-alcoholic White Russian, sounds tasty, but I prefer being the designated drinker in my group. Beautiful photos, by the way. But then, they always are!

Tanya said...

Didn't anyone tell you that it's impolite to make people drool at work?
Seriously, though, looks great. I may have to try them this weekend.

Richa said...

they look so adorable! and that puff pastry is one versatile ingredient to have at hand ;)

katiez said...

Little sweet dessert bites! I could be the designated eater... Really!

Susan said...

Dear All,
Thank you for every one of your generous comments. As I happily struggle with last-minute Christmas preparations to feed many a houseguest over these next several days, I want to assure you how much I appreciate your frequent visits, and offer the promise that I will answer each individually once the smoke clears around here. A Happy December to everyone!

Susan said...

Hi, Shn! Coffee and cream are a great taste combo.
Thanks, Simona. These are so tiny and delectable, it is hard to stop at one.
Patricia – Thanks! These are party-perfect little pastries.
Asha – Only three? ; ) Thanks for your well wishes! Good to see you.
Hi, Nanditha! Thanks. Would that we all lived within close distance. I love entertaining.
Shaun – Vanilla is the MSG of the sweet world, enhancing nearly any flavor. I am always more liberal with its use than most recipes require.

Traditional cocktails are great, but you don’t have to compromise taste by omitting the vodka, which is virtually flavorless anyway. Iced coffee delivers a good kick on its own.
Suganya – Yes, it is very thickly coated with a granulated sugar crust.
Thank you, Anh. They are truly little sparklers. I will definitely be “whipping up” a batch of them again sometime.
Cynthia – Glad you enjoyed yourself! Do come again! : )
Sra – Thanks. It’s easy to loose count of how many of these you can scarf down. I'm sure you could flavor them with chocolate for those who prefer.
Thanks, Toni. There was a whole platter full of them. Easy to make, easier to eat. : )
Thank you, Dhanggit! We take coffee so for granted as a wake-up drug, that we often don’t appreciate its remarkable flavoring power.
Thanks so much, Terry! Good to see you. Hats off to the designated driver!
Tanya – Oh, Miss Manners would probably slap my wrist! Thanks for your kind words and visit. Welcome and hope to see you again!
Richa – Thank you. These baby-bite pastry shells really did come in handy. Someday I will make puff paste from scratch, but until then, these work wonders.
Hi, Katie. LOL! Clever you!

Lisa said...

How pretty are those? Wowie—and they sound sinfully delicious.

Chuck said...

A trio of heaven. Those look beautiful and delicious. I could sure go for that White Russian right now.

Susan said...

Thanks, Lisa. Sinfully easy, too.
Chuck - Thanks! Even w/out vodka or Kahlua, the drink is very refreshing, as iced coffee tends to be.

Aires said...

Wow! This blog makes me hungry!