Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Puzzle and a Prize

The flower.

The foliage.

The freebie.


The fine print: Be among the first three readers* to correctly guess the culinary plant shown in Photos 1 & 2, and I will send you (all expenses paid) a brand-new copy of French Cooking in Ten Minutes by Pomiane. Bloggers and non-bloggers alike are welcome to play along regardless of where you live on the planet. Please leave your guess in a comment on this post. The answer, winners' names, and a recipe will be posted Saturday, July 7, around 6:00 PM (1800) New York time. Comments are considered up until posting. One guess per reader, please.

Thanks for playing! Good luck to everyone!

* To include readers in other time zones who will be later in seeing this post, I am offering up to three prizes rather than one. In order to ensure a level playing field, I will not be responding to anyone's guess, right or wrong, prior to the posting the answer. In the event that only one reader will correctly answer, only one prize will be awarded. In the event that no one correctly answers, I will select one name/winner at random, literally out of a hat.

UPDATE: Non-bloggers, please include your first name when you post your answer comment. If you leave an anonymous comment, I will not be able to verify your identity in the event that you have answered correctly. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a Coriander Blossom to me =~) Yummy

Jennifer said...

is it coriander? (non-blogger Jennifer)

sra said...

Coriander and flower

Shaun said...

Susan, love - This looks like real coriander blossom (not the manky hydroponically grown ones I have seen). If I am right and am in the list of first three to guess correctly, take me off the list. I don't feel comfortable receiving a prize from a friend. But I could be wrong on the flower, anyway; I should have researched first :-p

Jyothsna said...

Coriander flowers and leaves.

Cynthia said...

My guess is Coriander as well.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

I think it is "Anise"
botanical name "pimpinella anisum"

pransanth.prabhu said...

coriander flowers

NWgardener said...

Hi Susan -
I am the non-blogger sho left the anonymous comment - July 4, 2007 8:53 PM sorry! this is my 1st time leaving a comment. I found your blog through another blog I read. I love your writings with each of the recipes I can't wait to make your Maple Walnut Cake! I was almost drooling LOL! from the recipes I've read so far I have some work ahead of me =~)
So all that to say -I say its Coriander foliage & blossom to me.
Thank you for all your work on your site it is amazing!

The Cooking Ninja said...

It sure does look like coriander flowers to me.

Rosa said...

Hi Susan, I don't need the prize because I already have it, but I just wanted to say what a lovely prize it is - the winners will be very lucky!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Ha, it's on the tip of my tongue and it's not coming off.
Really interesting book.

Lucy said...

I'm with everyone else - is it coriander (cilantro)?

I wonder what you'll do with it...

Love that citrus, soapy taste.

Suganya said...


Nora B. said...

Oh Susan, I love contests :-) I hope I am not too late, been so busy that I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading.

Ok, my best guess is that it's the cilantro plant, although you've not shown us the more commonly used part, the leaves. So what you have are the blossoms. The blossoms I've seen were a bit more pinkish, so I hope that I'm making the right guess. Will you be using the blossoms? That would be very interesting. I'm so curious!

Barb said...

I'm going against the popular vote (which rarely pays off for me) and saying tarragon. WTH

Pelicano said...

It could be tarragon, as I'm not terribly familiar with it, but I'm going to say summer savory.

Ricki said...

I am going to guess Tarragon even though my first instinct was corriander. I know I'm probably not in the running but I thought I'd try anyway!

Anonymous said...

I am not a french but love puzzles.
It is flower of anise and botanical name Pimpinella anisum.I know that it's late to answer. Thanks a lot.

An Offline blogger

Susan said...

Jennifer – Welcome! You are correct and one of the winners. Please contact me via my email (found in my profile) so we can arrange delivery of your cookbook. Thanks for playing. Good to see you here.
Sra – Yes, it’s coriander, and you have also won a cookbook. Please see my comment to Jennifer (above) for delivery. Thanks for playing!
Hi, Shaun. I didn’t know coriander could be grown hydroponically. I’ve only seen lettuce here that way, and it’s very lush. Perhaps manky is a particular trait of coriander; my plant started to flop almost immediately after it was pulled from the soil.
Jyothsna – Yes, it is coriander. Thanks for playing!
Cynthia – Coriander it is. : )
Nanditha – It does look like anise. That’s what I would have thought. Thanks for playing!
Welcome, Pransanth! Yes, you are correct. It is coriander. Thanks for you visit!
NWgardener/Rene – Thanks for letting me know you were the anonymous first commenter. You did answer correctly. Please see my comment to Jennifer (above) to contact me. Thanks for playing. Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you enjoy it.
Cooking Ninja – Coriander! Thanks for your guess. Good to see you.
Hi, Rosa. Pomiane is adorable. I wish he was an uncle. I knew you would approve.
Tanna – It’s a fun book, entertaining as well as practical. When Pomiane means 10 minutes, he means 10 minutes.
Hi, Lucy. It’s coriander. I’m still tinkering with the recipe. Thought I would have posted it already, but needs some more work. I love it, too, but not so loud – cilantro has many enemies. ; }
Suganya – You are right. I’ve noticed many Indian and other Asian cooks responded correctly. I’m wondering if the flowering plant is a familiar face at your markets or if you are gardeners. Although I routinely buy the immature cilantro, I’ve never seen it in flower before.
Hi, Nora. Too late to win, I’m afraid, but you did answer correctly. I will be using a part of the flowering plant for my recipe, rather than the usual, earlier flat leaf. I didn’t show the usual leaf since it no longer exists on the plant once it goes into flower. It’s a remarkable change, looks like a different plant entirely.
Welcome, Barb! It is coriander, but I can see why some would guess tarragon. I might have myself, except that I do know tarragon already. Thanks for playing!
Hi, Pel. When you don’t know for sure, it can look like anything. I don’t know what summer savory looks like, but now I’m going to have to find out! Thanks for playing. Good to see you.
Hi, Ricki! Tarragon is a good guess, but it is coriander/cilantro. Good to see you. Welcome and thanks for visiting!
Anonymous – I’m not French, either, and I love puzzles, too. Thought this would be fun. It has been. I’ll post another puzzle sometime in the future. Thanks for playing and welcome. Hope you enjoyed it.